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    Default Forum suggestions

    I need more forums to hang around in..

    Im now only on a mostly car technical forum. Some radio controlled car forums.. here and.. thats it.

    I have accounts on psycedelics forums, economics forums, INTJ, ENFPforum and that mythbuster forum.

    I like typical INTJ stuff with a preference for tech.


    I need a SC2 forum too.

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    Unless you read Korean, this is the best one.

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    They did the MBTI test there The number of INTJs was ridiculously high.

    I'll start playing SC2 in a couple of months...hopefully ...what league are you in?

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    Not to me, but hey so what..

    Im shitty.. 5-4 weeks since last time i played.. I have a average apm that tops out at 50. Plays toss.
    Im better at macro games..i think...
    I only play well against friends because that matters. ;D

    Its a backside to it tho.. a ESFJ i live with does not wanna play with me no more because i powned him 5times in a row or something with just gateway units..
    Kinda funny actually.. hes reading about builds and stuff and plays alot with friends.. i never bothered with reading up on builds i just try different stuff, having fun.. I do watch a lot of pro games on youtube tho...
    In the practice league i did a barrack rush lol.. because of the dual rocks in front of the ramp i just flew two barraks over in a hidden position and massed up.. i won three games with it.. So that was how i rolled in the beginning as terran and reached platinum.. then the kids learned to play or something and i dropped like a stone to bronse.. Silver now.. Kinda fun there tho because in a "standard" game i know what to do but the lower tier people do so much strange i don`t allways know what to do. Need to relearn the game.. and scout scout scout more.

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