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Thread: LED globe / LED cube

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    Default LED globe / LED cube

    Awesome, look what I just found When my exams are finished I'll build this . Looks very easy, only a few LEDs, a good program for an AVR and some scrap metal. The cube's even easier then the globe prolly start with that.

    LEDs take up to .03 Ampere and if you have 100 of them that's 3 Ampere, at about a forward current of 2-3 Volts, prolly a print trafo is already enough .



    Should build a sellable product from this and sell it as design element for apartments.
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    I want a floor with LEDs and pressure sensors.. so that if i want i can go around with wave effects from the floor.

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    I made a tiny version of that for my Digital technology class a year and a half ago.
    but then again, it WAS a long ass program for only a few lights.

    Ours was only 6*6 :P, and we used an arduino to program it. , we didn't want to spend so much time and money.

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