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Thread: ENTPs unable to differentiate people??

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    Quote Originally Posted by allegorystory View Post
    Yeah, it might mean I don't have much luck in being in committed, healthy, complementary relationships, but that's not always the point. :P
    I think I never had a healthy complementary relationship

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    You sometimes can end up dating someone, who was no fit for you from the start, because you see something in him / her. But sometimes even that works, since you grow and completly change yourself in that relationship.

    I wouldnt want to differentiate people cause I hate people who do it. There are a billion ways to differentiate people, like mbti, class, money whatever; people who go by that seriously have a Vollschuß.

    The greatest trouble I have is differentiating me and no matter how old I get, it gets worse
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    Quote Originally Posted by thegirlcandance View Post
    So I have heard one of you fellow ENTPs comment how you are unable to differentiate people. Hence, you wind up dating SFJs, ENFJs, etc. that end up failing.

    I guess I just don't quite understand this because you guys can clearly intuitively read people upon meeting them, but how do you end up in such situations??

    Its difficult for me to fathom because as an INFJ I intuitively pick up on things with people and know if I will successfully be friends or date them. If I intuitively read that someone is too immature for me them I just simply choose to keep them at a distance.

    Please explain...
    I don't know what you mean by differentiate, but I can tell you that from time to time I find myself saying, "All of these white people look alike". (Btw, I'm white.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    Don't relate, sorry. I can differentiate people fine, the only thing I can think of that may be seen as similar is I simply won't judge people for their shortcomings, I'll give anyone a shot and be friends with nearly anyone.
    What he said.

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