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Thread: Big up INTJ's

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    [QUOTE=substitute;145440]Try telling that to an Si dom I know an ISFJ who's been going to the same place for her summer vacation every year for the past 23 years.

    I know an ENTP who goes to her family's cottage on Lake Michigan for a month every summer. Perhaps the ISFJ you know visits family or friends when she goes to the same vacation spot year after year.

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    I find that I am usually inspired by repetition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Rae View Post
    I know an ENTP who goes to her family's cottage on Lake Michigan for a month every summer. Perhaps the ISFJ you know visits family or friends when she goes to the same vacation spot year after year.
    Nope, it's one of those lame old style British seaside resort places, with the slot arcades and donkey rides and stuff - I actually quite like it. But it's only 30 miles down the road and she adamantly insists she's not interested in going anywhere else - EVER! She's never travelled out of our county (an area about the size of the Truckee River Basin, Nevada) I'm not criticizing it, or her liking to go there, or loving routine or anything, just saying, that's all, it's very different to the way I think, cos I start to go mental if I have to repeat anything more than once or twice. Course, some might say I'm already mental, but...

    Uber, you're on the autism spectrum, that doesn't count! But all the same, yeah I do know how routine based Ni can be. I'm under a parish priest who is Ni dominant and he runs the place like a sergeant major, quite fanatic about his routines and everything running like clockwork and well, you could set your watch by him. It's really useful actually, I quite appreciate him because I'm pretty scatterbrained and disorganized so it helps to have that framework for me to work within.

    Quote Originally Posted by cascademn View Post
    haha. I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw you post this thread was this: 'hahah...we won't be seeing sub spread the same love towards the INFJ's anytime soon!!'
    I don't know... it's not that I don't appreciate and love INFJ's... I do. There's just an unfortunate clash there, I think... could probably be explained in MBTI terms, but in my terms it just feels like in order to not be in the doghouse and for them to just like me and for us to get on, I have to become something that feels so repressive and exhausting for me to be, I can't stand it for very long. And I guess they feel similarly about me... that they have to switch off their feelings and expend a lot more external energy than they can feel comfortable with for a long time, in order not to always feel hurt, dominated and trampled on. I really wish I could get along better with them cos they are great people It's not so much that we hate each other, but just that as long as we keep it in small doses, we get along fine... just no longer than an hour or two at any one time because after that the smiles start to get a bit forced... and then give way to frowns, and then... ugh.

    I suppose if a thread's redundant anyway it doesn't matter if it's derailed
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    Anyway, c'mon people, let's have some INTJ love!
    Too right. Given my tendency to be egotistical, it should come easily. "All hail me, I love me, I pwn all..."
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