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Thread: Types that make you "shut down"?

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    I think ESFJ...I've had a lot of very bad experiences with them. I had to beat two of them off me tonight--pouting because I felt unwell but refused their help.

    But it can be any type at all.

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    oh, i forgot introverts who don't talk, period. i had to interview an extreme introvert, i think he's INFP. he gave me two-word answers to open-ended questions. i mean i am really not all that talkative IRL, most people would probably guess me as an introvert, so i understand not talking a lot, and i do know you are nervous, but seriously you have got to give me SOMETHING to work with. contrary to stereotype i really don't find listening to myself entertaining for very long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post
    I think... ESFPs? Maybe not just them... but any extravert who fits the stereotype of the high school drama geek, i.e. a diva. I am immediately very suspicious of them, sensing that they're putting on a show for me, and registering that as habitual and perpetual dishonesty. And the big thing for me, in friendships (or really any friendly relationship), is trust. Also, how can I trust that our chemistry, in a conversation, is genuine? How can I know that you won't talk about me behind my back? etc. etc. etc.
    ESFPs are Rocky, Titus Pullo, and the character Snow in the latest Final Fantasy game. They're not Divas, but lovable bruisers. Heh. I don't know if anyone is going to buy that, but I think I should make the effort in offering up the idea anyways.

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    I either love or hate (or seriously love-hate) fellow ExTJ types. I hate feeling like we're competing for airtime.
    Murphy Brown: What is it with us? Why can't we take the easy road once in awhile?
    Avery Brown: Because it's boring and dishonest and uncomfortable, like wearing a pair of shoes all day that pinch your feet.

    approx 55% ES, 90% TJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by tawanda View Post
    Psychotic ESFPs
    Psychotic INFPs are even worse.
    ESxJs trying to mother/control me. I could say the same for ENTJs.
    Really 'out there' xNxx's where there is just no reasoning with them because they are in some sort of....I dunno. Glenn Beck is a prime (and extreme) example of this.
    IxTx's who think they're the shit/have a stick up their ass.

    I don't think I'd shut down around all of the list, but I avoid these certain types of people to avoid shutting down, as there are enough in my life I can't avoid right now.
    Lol, that almost covers the entire spectrum.

    I think Glenn Beck is... on his own. But if I were to give him a type, it'd be Ni and Fe. Or, rather, Fe and Ni. I don't want to say the actual type. It's bad enough that I spout off functions like that. Regardless if that's accurate, my point is that xNxx insanity comes in different shapes. Sure, other types can be annoying too, but it'd be in completely different ways. "N" means nothing. I think crazy Ne is like Don Quixote and Joker. Crazy Ni is Beck and Jim Jones. Maybe Steve Jobs if you don't like Macs. It's a difference between the oddball and overactive imagination of Ne vs the wonky "vision" and seeing signs and stuff that Ni gets into. To simplify it.

    I'm not being defensive or anything. I'm just bored. Sorry that you feel that much difficulty.

    Is that Light and Blues Clues in your avatar?

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    I'm not saying that Ne or Ni are bad or anything, I just think that extreme off the rocker/could possibly be a threat to your own well-being Ns are really hard to handle, just from personal experience. I generally don't like it when people make ridiculous assumptions and stuff. Generally, I just don't like dealing with crazy people.

    And Beck wasn't always crazy...I wonder what happened...

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