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Thread: INTJs; Inferior Se; And Horrible Taste in Automobiles...

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowriot View Post

    Looks like an Aston Martin wannabe front end, joined to a Pininfarina wannabe designed body lines. Headlamps are also familiar. Just can't place them.

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    ^that I call a car !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Istbkleta View Post
    I am an ENTP and this is my dream car ...

    Imagine what my ISTP friends think about my taste ...
    ^entp license revoked !
    Johari / Nohari

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    INTJs have specifications for automobiles.

    My first car, except blue, not red:

    My first car purchased new:

    My last car:

    My current car:

    Yes, there is a pattern here: economical, reliable, good mileage, decent handling, small for city driving/parking but accommodates reasonable amount of people/things (hatchbacks are great for that, w/ reconfigurable interiors).
    Love both your taste, and your rationale here. *tips hat to you*
    'Cause you can't handle me...

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    68 PAGES????? I know I have great taste in automobiles although I'm not sure if this is an inferior Se thing but I have a habit of overdoing things aesthetically to the point of making things look bad.
    I really like cats and food.

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    •Repress their Extroverted Sensing function, which means they may lose touch with factual realities and fail to adapt their opinions accordingly
    source - Famous INTJs

    I may or may not be INTJ, but I for one certainly have the most insanely out of touch with mundane existence ideations presented with explosive energy on this forum!

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    I drive a pair of sneakers. Excellent grip and mileage on them.

    I always thought the love of flashy sports cars were inferior Fi in the TJs and inferior Fe in the TPs who are copying the TJs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Standuble View Post
    I drive a pair of sneakers. Excellent grip and mileage on them.

    I always thought the love of flashy sports cars were inferior Fi in the TJs and inferior Fe in the TPs who are copying the TJs.
    The reasoning behind the NTJ thing goes beyond sports cars. The general "theory" is that inferior and tertiary Se have a superficial "scanning" of what Se is about, and if they end up expressing it for themselves, they'll only rely on that superficiality (some INJs might go the other route and dismiss Se, rather than express it.. but for the same reasons.. they've built up a superficial image of it that they want to remove themselves from. Both however have the same problem. They haven't really gotten to know what it's about, in it's more casual sense).

    To put it another way, say if you were a public "pollster" or engaged in some kind of statistics gathering, but you only took into account the "loudest" samplings from a crowd. In the same way, NJs will notice the flashier and exciting elements they perceive of Se (from the ESPs especially). It's the "easiest" kind of Se to remember. Some might think that's expected of them in order to "be popular" or get by in the world. But they'll probably overcompensate. The cars flashier than what SPs own, the aggression and "toughness" of some ENJs is over the top. Some ENTJs try too hard to be warlike. They could act out all of this, but half of the time won't know the basics of "good sensing". Like having a physical sense of knowing when enough is enough, when to apply pressure, when to draw attention, etc.. They might be workaholics and not monitor their own bodies. These are all basic "sensing" things, but all they care about is looking like George Patton snorting coke in a gaudy Hip Hop video (if that makes sense). And driving a flashy sports car, of course. Bling, bling.

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    Whatever happened to Miss Sapienne?
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    I do not care for flashy cars at all. Only buy practical ones.

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    Love or hate, I don't leave much room in the middle.

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