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    I suck ass at kissing ass; I can be very polite, even deferential in speech (old people loved me when I was in retail), but inflating someone's ego to get ahead? No. It's about as difficult as small-talk, though with less boredom and more self-hatred, so I don't even bother to try anymore.

    I'm also currently unemployed.

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    Not being INTP, but I'm not an ass kisser as well. I prefer establishing rapport so you can talk to people as if they're on you're own level and people WILL accept it, even if they're superiors or attractive examples of the opposite sex.

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    People have wanted to kiss my ass. Then they get all worked up with being dismissed, then they start to hate. I think one should kick them before the perfume reaches their nostrils.

    Let them lick if both are in on it. But I like to observe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagirl View Post
    Im an INTP and I find it really hard to kiss ass even when it can seriously benefit me. At work, I kiss by producing really good pieces of work (only for it to be left on someones desk). But I find it really hard to engage in vocal arse-lickin'? Anyother INTPs go through this? There is an INTJ in an adjacent team and I can see he goes through this. It makes us look bad especially since we are surrounded by professional bum kissers. sigh.. theres a group kissing session going on right now and I'm here.. at my desk
    I don't kiss ass, but I can see how you can view others as kissing ass. I have a coworker (ENFP/ENFJ) that likes to coddle others with compliments. I view this with distaste and tease him about it, but to him it's simply what sort of information he takes in and translates it externally.

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    This is a big "fuck no". My ex-manager would crack these infantile jokes and while my two-faced co-workers were busy giving their best interpretations of a laugh, I was busy doing what I was actually hired to do. Sure he liked my work ethic, but he couldn't stand the lack of ass-kissery and the fact that I always trumped him in the intelligence department. With that being said, I can't stand ass-kissery and if I get the urge to do so, I'll bust the ass-kisser out on the spot.
    “'Fuck', I think. What a beautiful word. If I could say only one thing for the rest of my life, that would be it.”

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    Y'all can't even deliver a genuine compliment, nevermind kissing ass!

    *runs away and hides before amassed Ti pelts her with stinging insults*

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    Amazingly there exists a specimen called a "charismatic INTP".

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