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Thread: INTJ going for a coffe with a ESFP girl tomorrow. tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    Rrrrock, Polly wanna *close.

    Naw I am retired.

    My game is so rusty I would polly have a harder time at #closing than the OP at this stage. It would take me at least a couple months to get back up to speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatsNorway View Post
    Considering that everyone was pushing me forward [underlining by Lewellyn] and that i have AD/HD makes it no surprise that we have had some bad conversations. When i succeed it is very nice tho as she liked to talk about feelings and such. I just need to cool down and let it happen by itself.
    Somehow that (the underlined part above) can appear (appear) to be the message. I know. And you can feel sorry for not acting faster. It's the message especially from outsiders (I mean outsiders from the particular relationship it is about). When you go with it, you can bet it will lead to an uneasy situation, mostly not in the favour of the one you're in the relationship with!

    Do you know your enneagram type, by the way?
    INtj | 9w1

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatsNorway View Post
    I just need to... let it happen by itself.
    This is almost always a good strategy.
    The Justice Fighter

    XXXX - XwX Xdw XwX sx/so - Neutral Good

    "I trust what you are doing though…I just see it a little differently.
    I don’t see it as you stepping away from the fire. I see it as the fire directing your course.
    No matter how airy or earthy or watery you become... to many of us you will always be...a super nova."

    "Behind these gates of seeming warmth sits, loosely chained, a fierce attack dog. Perhaps not crazy, but dangerous"

    The Aggressive 6

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    In the heat you sometimes forget.. starts to stress about instead.
    Quote Originally Posted by Llewellyn View Post
    Do you know your enneagram type, by the way?
    scored 1w9 once i remember. I liked much of what was said about the type 5 also.. physical description fits for 1w9 etc..


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    Monday results. (quickly answered)
    Introverted (I) 82.14% Extroverted (E) 17.86% (highest i can remember)
    Intuitive (N) 51.11% Sensing (S) 48.89%
    Thinking (T) 79.41% Feeling (F) 20.59%
    Judging (J) 53.85% Perceiving (P) 46.15%

    Your type is: INTJ

    Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||| 73%
    Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||| 40%
    Type 3 Image Awareness |||||||||||| 50%
    Type 4 Sensitivity |||||||||||| 46%
    Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||| 60%
    Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||| 73%
    Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||||| 60%
    Type 8 Aggressiveness |||||||||||| 46%
    Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||| 60%

    type score type behavior motivation
    1 22 I must be perfect and good to be happy.
    6 22 I must be secure and safe to be happy.
    5 18 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy.
    7 18 I must be high and entertained to be happy.
    9 18 I must maintian a peaceful and easygoing environment to be happy.

    You scored as Type 6

    Your variant is social

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    I can wrap this up now..

    I have not seen here since new years eve.. Been talking on facebook a few times last month and thats about it..
    I think it was wise of her, to not go inn with feelings as it would not have lasted. I don`t think she could control it tho.. its just that shes damaged. She might try to control her feelings and thats why shes tired/depressed.

    Im seeing a new girl (ESTP) I meet her outside my block friday last week.. She could not get in as the person she was on the way too did not answer her phone. etc..
    So i opened up for her and she could still not get in touch with this person..

    We did some talking, found the tone..kissed.. and we went to my place.
    Did some talking, she laughted so hard about my table.. just so much strange random things laying on it.. a emty milk bottle, wheat "bag" tea lights with smell.. RC car parts and the backside of a pizza pack that are used as a mouse pad. taped to the table.

    Then we laid down in bed and hold around each other. while listening to music.

    Seems lately that im improving my skills.

    When i moved to the city i started off with getting beer trown in my face from one girl. Now 3months later i meet a total stranger and made her came to my place in 10min..

    that's efficiency for you right there.

    Going to possibly make a new thread about this girl..
    Epic derailment:
    wierd memory work->Tamagochi->tetris->Starcraft2->thugs->Chess->german techno->Love parade->disaster->death..

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    You have an active love life for an INTJ. I think you should be excommunicated.

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    I did not say anything about love btw.. But im chasing it.. sooner or later i will catch the bugger..

    The what? excommunicated!?

    edit: nevermind i googled it..

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    Just kidding.

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