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Thread: Fun and humorous INTJs?

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    My SO is this kind of INTJ. He is hilarious, though, only shows it in his personal life. Everyone he works with thinks he's ice cold. I love that about him.
    My flatmate (an ESFP, I think) believes that I lack emotions. When we played a German equivalent of Mafia with too many of his friends, one of those I had not met before said at the end that I am 'impossible to read' because I 'just look down' and 'do not show any reaction'. My flatmate was overjoyed to have his false impression confirmed. The truth is, the game is boring and always played with far too much and too loud chatter among the players. Nevertheless, they laughed at my jokes.

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    I'm like that with my friends and family. With other people, I'm mostly serious, though I occasionally make a few jokes (my seriousness may be due to my shyness however). For the most part though, it really just depends on the circumstances: I know when to be serious and when to enjoy myself.

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    It all depends on how one defines fun, and humor. I have plenty of fun, though others don't always see it that way, or appreciate my humor.
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    edit: doubt I'm an intj, so my post was irrelevant
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