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Thread: INTP appearance trends

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    As always everything can be attributed to the evil Fe function. Appearances are not important to the INTP, which is one of the few good traits they possess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsherlockholmes View Post
    I do too, but I hate facial hair more.
    Fo' Sho'.

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    Slouching: While I'm sitting. When I walk/stand I make a point of standing tall. I'm so short (5'2") that I can't afford to slouch! :P Plus I like to appear confident, even when I'm walking on rocks.

    Facial hair: I'm a girl, so I'm gonna say no. If I were a guy though I could totally see myself sporting a goatee. I love goatees

    Crazy hair: I'm really lucky because my hair is naturally poker-straight. A quick brush in the morning and I'm good to go. I have been dying it unnatural shades for about a year now though - currently sporting fluorescent orange.

    Clothes: Depends. I go through phases every few weeks of wanting to wear nice clothes so I'll make an effort for a while. Then I ultimately revert to my hoodie and jeans combo. My one true love . I keep telling myself that I'll buy lots of new clothes when I slim down and get fitter though. I do feel aesthetics are important, but I'm not often very bothered. I am always clean though. I shower every day/every other day if I haven't been exercising.

    And yes, there are such things as INTPs who overuse emoticons

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsherlockholmes View Post
    Never have beards. Seriously? Can you think of an INTP with a beard?
    No beards? I've seen plenty of INTPs with beards, seems one of the most likely types to be bearded, actually. Usually university professor types with big, sloppy beards that carry their lunch around for them.

    INTJs also often have beards (like myself) but they're usually shorter and more manicured than the bushy INTP type.

    I think everything else is pretty much spot on.
    You lose.


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