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    Default The Empathic Civilisation

    [YOUTUBE="l7AWnfFRc7g"]The Empathic Civilisation[/YOUTUBE]

    What are your thoughts and feedback about this video? What does this mean for those types that have difficulty empathizing with others?

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    Was it Aristotle who said "be kind-everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"
    Since anyone can end up in peril beyone our control, it is logical to be helpful...the golden rule and so forth. Try reading The Political Mind by George Lakoff, he explains better than I could how being rational and being empathetic are not necessairly at odds.
    By definition everyone except psychopaths have at least a little empathy, but I know I experience and express it differently from a ExFx type. As the video explains, there is survival value in this, which is why it evolved.

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    oh god, my favorite ted talk in ages and a mention of george lakoff!

    i'm interested in consciousness itself. empathy comes with greater forms of consciousness. i think finding better forms of discourse creates more empathy. expanding one's own awareness of other forms of cognition, construction of truth, creativity, etc introduce the possibilities of more empathic, adaptive culture. ultimately, consciousness at any level is broken down into effective communication.

    finding a way to create redundancy in communication and especially to be really active in conceptual blending to create blended mental spaces (and cultural articulations of those) improves the potential for shared, well-distributed, multi-modal multiple intelligence cognition.

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    It's pretty interesting to think about, how different eras produce different brain. It's an idea that gives me faith and fear.

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