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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    I agree to some extent in that this is not the way entjs ARE. The same goes for when people say we're mean machines, I'll never understand that either. However I think that's different. Some people will think steamrolling is the best leadership style and some will prefer other methods. There are different leadership styles. Also I think it depends on the situation and task at hand what method they chose. Doesn't mean they are not entjs.
    Perhaps but to be honest I think steam rollering is bad management, people do that when they cant persuade, lead, motivate, they're ill suited to managment, whatever they may believe about themselves or, more often than not, hope about themselves.

    So if you're steam rollering you're also struggling and I dont think that a true to type ENTJ will struggle with being in the position of leadership because I believe that it really corresponds to their type. A reflective and thoughtful ENTJ, one with strong TJ, and one which strong E will be especially suited to that role and in all likelihood inspire the loyalty of their subordinates, no steam rollering required.

    Defining all ENTJs as mean is slightly different, its a bad generalisation, I think that there's issues with some types though because they tend to think that person is so "mean" and it instead it is more a case of that person is simply not like/the same as them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Are you really an ENTJ red haired babe like your avatar? If so there's every chance I'm in love
    Lark, are you stupid? LOL

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    No..just in love

    Boils down to the same thing though

    "Harm none, do as ye will”

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    The one ENTJ I know happens to be my best friend. Although he is VERY bossy, he can be very fun too.
    The rest of his family are SJs, so whenever he disagrees with them he won't give up until he is certain that he has convinced them that his opinion is the right one.
    Light travels faster than sound.
    This is why some people seem bright before they speak.

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    Hmm...I think I agree with the steamroller stereotype.

    My oldest sister is ENTJ. I've always understood her and she's always been cool with my "strange" ways. I've had to tell people that she doesn't mean any harm. She's bossy, has little patience with fools, and is quick to tell you what she is thinking or how she feels with little to no regard about how it will affect a person (she's gotten a lot better at this, though). She comes across as an aggressive, controlling, OCD, castrating bitch if you take stuff personally or if your skin is thin.

    If you don't, then she is a great person. She's got this softy sentimental streak, ugh. If you need anything, she'll move heaven and earth to be there for you. If you have a good idea, there's no better person to push it forward into reality. If you are threatened or need protection, then your attacker better pray for mercy 'cause she will utterly kick ass--a real lioness!

    I really believe you've got to know where ENTJs are coming from. I think they are awesome people.

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    I love when an ENTJ starts "steamrollin" over someone. It's usually exactly the kind of thing that I would say, I just dont care to talk to the other person. I see it as a "not worth my time" sort of thing. ENTJs can just instinctively rip them a new one; and that always makes me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thinkaboutit View Post
    I love when an ENTJ starts "steamrollin" over someone. It's usually exactly the kind of thing that I would say, I just dont care to talk to the other person. I see it as a "not worth my time" sort of thing. ENTJs can just instinctively rip them a new one; and that always makes me laugh.
    You know I'm pretty sure you're on the money with your own personal typology here because that's exactly what I'm like when I'm tired and I think when I'm tired or drained I'm like INTJ instead of ENTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    I noticed a common theme among the posts of another thread that all ENTJs are bossy and tend to steamroll others.

    ENTJ- Is this true in how you see yourself?

    Others- Is this how you see most of the ENTJ you know?
    I tend to steamroll in a work environment to get completion or when anyone pushes my boundaries in any environment. In a pleasant social setting, there's no reason for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    I have the tendencies. I think it feels natural and good. But I try to hold back in social settings because it turns most people off and it's not the best tactics if you wanna get people on your team/side. It's a bit more acceptable in work settings, but even then people will get sour and not put in their best effort into the project. Which is the goal ultimately, so what I'm saying is that I only do it when it's the most efficient method. And when it's necessary.

    Also I've noticed I'll only boss people around and streamroll in matters where I care. My enthusiasm, energy and goal oriented mind can often take that shape.

    In other, and most cases I'll just let people do their thing. So it's really a sign of dedication
    Yes, this is true for me as well. Now, in most social situations I tend to speak to others really loudly and with a lot of aggressiveness and assertiveness in my tone of voice. This comes naturally to me, but I am in no way trying to steamroll or "boss" anyone around. I cannot possibly see myself doing that when I'm surrounded by new friends or acquaintances.

    I actually hesitate to "boss" people around when I'm just hanging out, I just let people do whatever.

    I really do not understand why others think ENTJs are bossy and steamroll others, I can't get it at all.

    I am thinking that our assertiveness and ability to talk to others in a hardcore "direct" manner my possibly give people that impression.

    When it comes to a work environment, I can see myself being a human bulldozer - but in cordial social situations, I cannot see myself putting down others for the sake of it.

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    The only time I see my ENTJ best friend do this seriously is when someone pushes his boundaries, which appears ridiculously hard to do.

    To a lesser degree he does this when he is pushing someone else's for fun. He enjoys making people a little uncomfortable via steamrolling the conversation just to see what they do. It's his way of poking fun at people, and he has an enormous amount of respect for those who give it right back to him and turn his steamrolling into witty banter.

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