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    Default How it Feels to be an ENTJ

    I wanted to write this down, to encapsulate this into one place, how if feels at least for me, to be an ENTJ.

    • We HATE being directed, preferring autonomy to come to conclusions and decisions on our own.
    • But we're directive, in verbalization, writing and body language even when we don't intend to be.
    • If we feel like we're losing control, we tend to assert more control.
    • Sometimes we're wide open, other times we hold things close to our chest especially when we feel there's more information to be sourced.
    • Decision-making comes easy to us so sometimes this comes across as condescending since we can't figure out why it's so hard to decide between the black or blue pair of pants. Kind of no-brainer stuff.
    • We're impatient.
    • We love information but most often, it's got to have an end goal attached to it.
    • We need finality.
    • Routine jobs drive us crazy and yet we love to organize others to routine, which incorporates maximum efficiency and productivity. Then we sit back and lap up the improved numbers after handing it off to someone else to administer.
    • We thrive on challenge, aiming for a reasonable moon rather than the impossible dwarf planet of Pluto. And anyways, Pluto is dead so there's no reason to shoot for it.
    • Most often we make decisions quickly sometimes too quickly, although anything that's big, we'll take more time to dig for and mull over the information. When it's a big decision, we EXPECT to be given the time to make the best decision and get annoyed if not.
    • We love speed but aren't self-destructive, so don't throw all caution to the wind.
    • We're strategic and tend to position ourselves by figuring out different consequences or extrapolations, picking one and making it a reality.
    • When it comes to emotion, annoyance or anger are the ones that we're comfortable with since they're motivational due to strength, rather than blind us.
    • We hate feeling ineffective or weak.

    And one more thing that's specific to me. I suck at relationships, lacking tolerance and patience. Can't decide whether to laugh or cry over this.

    Do other ENTJs feel this way? Feel free to add or substract from the list.
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    I think that's a great synopsis.

    I would say, for myself, dont know if this is shared by other ENTJs that as a result of my function set and style I have certain expectations of people in positions of authority, particularly those who have seniority over myself in my work capacity, which frequently they fail to meet, particularly if they arent ENTJ or if they are prone to crisis of their own or corrupt behaviour.

    In some organisational contexts I think that TJ makes for better communication, plainer expectations and the proper reflection of responsibilities in duties and rank but instead you get people in those positions who're career minded, dont know or dont give a shit about the job or their junior officers, who they'll treat as expendable, impediments or problems instead of assets.

    Along with managerialism as a sociological phenomenon at all levels of society this is my ongoing bug bear but I dont imagine it would be changed by any sort of tests or profiling, people with neurotic needs for power can pull an ENTJ result when what they are exhibiting is something very different and its possible to learn about and fool a psychometric or MBTI test.

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    I mostly relate, except some:

    Quote Originally Posted by Metaphor View Post
    [*]If we feel like we're losing control, we tend to assert more control.[*]When it comes to emotion, annoyance or anger are the ones that we're comfortable with since they're motivational due to strength, rather than blind us.[*]We hate feeling ineffective or weak.[/LIST]
    I suppose these are more specific to E-Type 8, which I'm not (I generally prefer positive emotions, try as hard as I can not to be annoyed by anything; I don't think I mind feeling weak...competitive sports have taught me that there's way too many people that are / might be better than me.) Anyway, I think you gave a pretty good general characterization of ENTJs. I would personally add a slightly higher focus on intellectual matters, since they seem to be somewhat left out from your list - I love complex problems, topics, subjects, where I feel like I am solving a puzzle by penetrating deeply into the core of the subject-matter (I suppose that's Ni).
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    Thanks. Good additions and subtractions!

    Identifying generalities about being an ENTJ helps me and hopefully might help others, in that it's great to know you're not the only person who feels this way, as well as identifying areas of both positive and negative traits.

    Don't know about anyone else but sometimes it's not easy being this way. And yet, it's really important to be true to oneself within reason, since cognitive dissonance feels self-destructive.

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    To add to all this, our cognitive functions as they manifested themselves (yes, I'm anthropomorphising the functions since it's better than constantly saying "I [insert verb]:
    1. Te came first where it wanted to organise and dominate without any real depth to speak of.
    2. Ni came along and it caused more indepth analysis for Te created plans and helped to conceptualize. It also helped to limit impulsive actions but sometimes, delayed actions where unnecessary. When grappling with it, especially when trying to communicate concepts, people had difficulty understanding what I was trying to express.
    3. Se finally came along and helped me to connect to the outside world and others better, since it stabilized Ni, which allowed Te more room to put plans into place by taking action.
    4. Now I'm grappling with a growing Fi, fighting it since it limits Ni, Se and worse yet, Te. It almost feels better to be emotionally blind, deaf and dumb since it causes internal battles. Wish I could ostracize it to the degree that it shrinks back to lurker status. :steam:

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    how it *feels* to be an ENTJ?? lol We're not supposed to have feelings... at least not obvious ones.

    emotional mirror
    I find that I sometimes mirror people's emotions to a certain degree. If they are angry at me I get angry back. If they are joking around with me I'll joke right back. lately, I have had a hard time being around people who are not optimistic. I don't like it when I have to interact with people that are negativity grumps - it just saps me of my joie de vivre.

    just trying to optimize it, ma'am
    I find that the one things I hate being misconstrued on is when I am telling someone a critique of something and they interpret it as if I am saying it just to be a pain in the ass. 99% of the time I am not trying to be like that - I just can't help but alert people to what I believe to be flaws in their process. Sometimes people interpret me as being cantankerous when I am really only trying to help. Sometimes i find myself qualifying my speech with "I really don't mean to be a pain in the ass... BUT....."

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    i lurve this thread <3

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    The part about emotions is definitely true, I'm usually described as outgoing and gentle
    with the feelings of others, but also as defiant or powerful when things go wrong or fall
    apart because instead of relying on a comfort zone and trying to solve my problems by
    matching my feelings up with others and doing as they say and do my intellect or creat-
    ivity somehow becomes stronger and keeps me from losing confidence over problems I
    can't solve. I have learned to admit when I am not sure what I am feeling myself that
    way I don't unintentionally cause others to take it personally when I am not feeling like
    myself and as in tune to their problems as usual when they need a strong personality
    to turn to.


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    Feels pretty damn good.
    3w4-9w1-?w6 (nearly headless nick)
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