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Thread: When INTPs attack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonstone3 View Post
    Yes, those witty biting remarks to fight back! Let's hear 'em! What were they over, as we know it's not often and takes just the right touch to make us fire the cannons!!!
    I already have a term for the INTP attack: the super logic lasers of DOOM.

    Sometimes people get so irrational and disrupt the knowledge web of the universe so badly that the lasers must be fired at full capacity.

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    As for witty biting remarks, hmmm... I don't know about witty or biting, but two things come to mind that I've had to say a few times too many:

    "It's simply mind over matter. Are you going to let a simple matter defeat you?"

    "We can sit here all day while you make excuses. The reality is, nobody cares about excuses. Excuses don't get you anywhere. Excuses don't get the job done."

    ...If I hear too much whining about something I might throw in,

    "Well then, you're clearly defeated. I can't help you."

    ...not kidding.

    It's important to note, that I'm typically very patient with people, but I have little tolerance for two things: people doing things half-ass and 'quitters'. As my dear Biology professor taught me, "there's more than one way to skin a cat." So true.

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    i will attack when someone thinks they know what i'm thinking. especially when they dont have a clue. I will also attack stupidity in its purest forms...

    "Damn, why do you talk so much shit? Is that why your breath stinks?" My first good two-liner from 6th grade.

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