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Thread: Gift-Buying for INTJs - What do they want???!!!

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    Simple, ask them what they want and then buy it for them. Did you really think a forum would know what we wanted better than us?

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    Something practical. if you can implement it yourself that's awesome. Most likely you just have to ask him and buy that. But do research. i for many years ago wanted a cap and a beanie on one. a capbeanie. i allready had it so i assumed everyone got the picture.
    They did not i got a beanie from my cousins and a cap from my brother. And i still get beanies years after last time i opened my mouth. And i still wear cap beanies.

    I have been wearing nothing but beanies with cap since i first got one when i was 15-16years. im 25 now.

    Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups.

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    A book about one of my interests is practically the ultimate gift.
    You lose.


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