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Thread: Einstein and Extraverted Intuition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maha Raj View Post
    However, we are most likely try hard to prove them that they are wrong; INTPs simply bail out but stick to their views. That’s why we can say INTPs are scientist and ENTPs are entrepreneurs or inventors.

    Every ENTPs are different. Because of our high use of Ne even if two ENTPs live together for all their life, they may have two different views or understanding of things.

    So its easy to see even though there is a huge gap in similarities between Edison and Einstein, they both could possibly ENTPs.
    Both Edison and Einstein could possibly be ENTPs, but I don't think that it is likely for either one.

    First of all, Edison, I think, almost quite probably ESTJ, with ESTP and ENTJ as second most likely possibilities.

    Also, you mentioned that an if Einstein were an ENTP it is possible that his isolation could be due to people not accepting his ideas. But, as a child and teenager, Einstein was very introverted. He did not become gradually isolated over time, like some, such as Howard Hughes or Nikola Tesla. Instead, Einstein was a rather isolated person to begin with.
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    "Another roof, another proof." - Paul Erdős

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    I was introverted in my childhood.. up until age 11 due to external circumstances.

    At any rate Alexander The Great was an ENTP.. so if we loose Edison so what?
    I think Einstein was INTP due to the fact that he seemed to use Ti then Ne.

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    me too was introverted in childhood...but i am an ENTP no doubt about that...
    I use Ne and Ti almost all the time...sometimes it seems like i use Ti most of the time... I use Fe as well, it is the only function that make me want to socialize with people, but when i am with people or outside Ne will most of the time take over everything...

    Ne Ti functions are the only two that make me feel doubt about my personality type. Sometimes i wonder if i possibly be a INTP. Becase of my switching use of Ne and Ti functions...

    ESTJs are like villians for us see this in peter pan stories, where Peter Pan looks more like an ENTP and Mr.Hooks like an ESTJs.

    Our childhood isolation has reason. We tend be more like an adult in thinking so we become isolated. In our adult life where our ideas are more welcomed with our "continues fight to prove them right", we become less isolated.
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    Human reason, in one sphere (section) of its cognition, is called upon to consider questions, which it cannot decline as they are presented by its own nature (the physical nature or environment human live in), but which it cannot answer, as they transcend every faculty of the mind.

    It (human reason) falls into this difficulty without any fault of its own. It begins with principles, which cannot be dispensed (distributed) with in the field of experience, and the truth and sufficiency of which are, at the same time, insured (protected toward the future) by experience. With these principles it rises, in obedience to the laws of its own nature, to ever higher and more remote conditions. But it quickly discovers that, in this way, its labours must remain ever incomplete, because new questions never cease to present themselves; and thus it finds itself compelled to have recourse to principles which transcend the region of experience, while they are regarded by common sense without distrust. It thus falls into confusion and contradictions, from which it conjectures (conjecture is a mathematical statement which appears likely to be true, but has not been formally proven to be true under the rules of mathematical logic.) the presence of latent errors, which, however, it is unable to discover, because the principles it employs, transcending the limits of experience, cannot be tested by that criterion. The arena of these endless contests is called Metaphysic.

    So the metaphysic is Extraverted Intution?
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    Einstein wasn't talking about extraverted intuition when he said that, that's just a quote taken out of context the article uses to sum up Ne. But maybe I am missing the point here.

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