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Thread: Hatred for school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    for those who have intense financial pressures and need to get a well-paying job, well, again i sympathize.
    LOL. This sentence immediately reminded me of a joke. This joke must be told in your best German accent.

    A Lufthansa Airlines flight is about to make an emergency landing in the ocean. The pilot comes on the intercom and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to land in the ocean. For those of you who know how to swim, please put on a life vest and begin swimming towards the shore. For those of you who do not know how to swim..............thank you for flying Lufthansa Airlines.
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    ENP's are the only types that have ever made me feel like a sensor.

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    I have several teachers already in mind who will not be allowed to exist when I rule the world...and it's only my second semester of college.
    This post grammatical errors had been intentionally left uncorrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forzen View Post
    I have several teachers already in mind who will not be allowed to exist when I rule the world...and it's only my second semester of college.
    I won't be holding my breath.
    "If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Game Master Near View Post
    Am I the [one] NT who ever had the hatred for school[?] I think alot of my peers are intelligent just as my teachers. I believe I learn more from googling random subjects on the internet. And I enjoy it more.

    So discuss!
    Well, I had abusive teachers thoughout public school. So I disliked school for that reason.
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    Nope, any imbecile even Pinky would be smarter than half the ninnies, dofuses,
    morons and halfwits our class had to put up with. I knew some people that ba-
    rely had an intellectual bone in their body that were competent enough to not-
    ice that problem, let's put it that way. The kinds of people they make blonde
    jokes about could have been considered to have IQs of entry genius level at
    that place, lol.


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    I hate the routine not the school. School is fine and some of the teachers are alright too, I'm sure that most of them wish me the best. All in all I'm quite satisfied with what school has learnt me, and don't get me wrong, it's not the overall knowledge fx in math, because I could most definitely learn it by myself. It's the social skills and ability to adjust to different people and situations, making compromises, forming group opinion and influencing it, and I'm quite grateful of that.
    Oh yeah?

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