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Thread: 100% Introvert?

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    Default 100% Introvert?

    I did the test again recently.

    Introverted 100
    Intuitive 62
    Thinking 65
    Judging 22

    Now, I would not consider myself 100% introverted. Definitely not. I am quite solitary sometimes, but I actually have an almost pathological need for interaction among my few close friends. I think the main reason I scored this is because I am shy and have anxiety, difficulty expressing my emotions. Wouldn't a 100% introvert not have any interest in others and be totally consumed by their own mind, like a hermit? Do you think their should be another question on the test to decide this, like "Do you like to be around other people?" just to create a more definite border?

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    Introversion in the MBTI sense means that you are more focused on your internal world of thoughts and ideas, rather then the outer world of people and actions. The fact that you want interaction with other people does not necessarily make you extroverted necessarily, it makes you human.

    As for the test results, it could just reflect your current mood. For the sake of accuracy you should take the test again in a couple of weeks and see if you score the same.

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    I've got 100 every time I can remember. I'm not saying I'm extraverted, but perhaps 70-80% introverted. Certainly not 100.

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    Well I don't think anyone can be 100% introverted anyway, you just chose all the introverted options on the test. If a question asks: "would you rather eat candy than pizza" and you answered candy, it doesn't mean in the real world you'd make the same choice every single time; It just means you usually prefer candy.

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    There couldn't be 100% introversion. How could there be? At the end of the day even introverts need social acceptance.

    But when it comes to introversion Ni would be the closest to 100% introversion.

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    Allow me to clarify.

    Introverts draw their energies from within themselves. Interaction with others drains energy.
    Extroverts draw their energies from interaction with others. Being alone drains their energy.

    As you can see, I's prefer being alone because being around others is tiring, and E's prefer being with others because that energizes them. Both, however, need human interaction, it is only natural. Devoid of interaction with others, any human would go insane, sometimes making a friend for themselves out of an inanimate object (Castaway is a perfect example). Simply, a 100% I simply is drained quickly by interaction, but requires it nonetheless, simply because of the psychological requirement for being with other people.
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