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Thread: Introverted Sensing in ENTPs

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    Default Introverted Sensing in ENTPs

    I am having trouble grasping Si as it relates to ENTPs, and have a few questions.

    1. How does Si usually manifest itself in the ENTP? What are examples of typical ENTP traits that can be attributed to Si?

    2. What would be the main differences between an ENTP that has a strong grasp of Si, and one that has a poor grasp/no grasp at all?

    3. What are good ways for the ENTP to work on becoming more proficient with Si?

    I almost feel like Si would most mainly be used as a support for Ne and Ti in the regard that Si realizes the facts or remembers them, while Ne and Ti interpret, organize, find meaning in what Si has found out. But that is only a hunch, and I am wondering what others think.

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    Always remembering where you put things, but losing stuff if someone changes the location of anything in the mess of a home you have.

    I think that's a fairly good external example of Si in ntp's.

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    This thread talks about Si for ENPs when under stress, of course it's not always going to be a bad thing but that may give you what you were looking for.

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