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Thread: Permanently introverted

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    Default Permanently introverted

    I am fairly new to MBTI and find I come across an ambiguity.
    This is the ambiguity every time I take a test that splits into components:

    your dominant function is Thinking and is clearly introverted
    your auxiliary (second most important) is iNtuition and is clearly introverted
    your tertiary (third) is Sensation and is clearly introverted
    your inferior (fourth) is Feeling and is clearly introverted

    Type Dynamic Scores
    Ti 29
    Ni 25
    Si 22
    Fi 18
    Ne 17
    Te 13
    Se 10
    Fe 6

    So, letters spell INTP, order of functions correlates with INTP, yet it seems to lack extraversion. I know I am highly introverted anyway, but my point is that this is an example of theory not working. I realise that personality theory is not mathematics, and that theories are based on general trends, so one counter example does not dispel the theory, I would, however, like to have some thoughts on the why and how from some other people…

    (note dots, indicating open ending)

    (It could also be that this particular test is simply invalid.)

    (Here is the link: Free Personality Test: In depth analysis

    Thanking you.

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    It's invalid

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    Default Invalid test

    My results:
    Te 26
    Ti 23
    Si 20
    Ni 18
    Se 17
    Ne 15
    Fe 12
    Fi 9

    your dominant function is Thinking and is slightly extraverted
    your auxiliary (second most important) is Sensation and is slightly introverted
    your tertiary (third) is iNtuition and is slightly introverted
    your inferior (fourth) is Feeling and is slightly extraverted

    This test was invalid because it classified things on a narrow continuum of Fe v Ti, Fi v Te, Si v Ne & Se v Ni

    Besides there were too many mistakes between those that favoured Si, Te and Ti with a focus on facts and procedures.

    The test doesn't even distinguish between E and I functions properly.


    Te > Ni > Ti > Se = Si > Fe > Ne > Fi

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    I don't know what order your questions appeared in, but from my review -- it's all picking (usually) between "Jungian opposites." One or the other, one or the other... and to the degree as well.

    Te vs Fi
    Fe vs Ti
    Si vs ??
    Ne vs SP
    Ni vs Se
    Te vs Fi
    Ti vs Fe
    Si vs Ne
    Fi vs Te
    Ni vs Se
    Ti vs Fe
    Si vs Ne
    Te vs Fi
    Si vs Ne
    Ni vs Se
    Ti vs Fe
    Fe vs Ti
    P vs J
    Fi vs Te
    N vs S
    Here are my results:

    Welcome. This report is based on the MMDI™ (Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator™), a questionnaire that has been developed using one of the most robust statistical methods available ('factor analysis'). Our research indicates that the MMDI extended version has 85% accuracy, which compares very favourably with the 75% accuracy of the MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator®) instrument.

    The questionnaire reports that your preferences are probably INTJ (or INTP).
    Note: I'm definitely not a J.

    Your MMDI code, which describes your type dynamics, is kesi.

    (next page)

    Looking at your individual preferences suggests that your type preferences are for INTP.
    Note: that one is the correct choice of the two.

    However, it is not fully clear that your type is INTP because, when we match the pattern of your MMDI pattern responses to the average patterns for each of the sixteen types, the MMDI code suggests your type might be INTJ.
    Note: So THEIR code suggests INTJ, although my basic preferences are INTP.
    The scores:
    Ni 26
    Ti 23
    Fi 22
    Ne 20
    Si 15
    Te 13
    Fe 12
    Se 9
    Yeah, I disagree with the scores... my Fi is not nearly that high, and I worry far more about what others think (typically an Fe concern) and have trouble deciding what my personal values are and then following them. I'm not really concerned with the other three scores in my top three, though... those are typical for me.

    Based on my review of the questions above, there did not seem to be any "cross-pollination" between non-opposing functions, to balance each binary pairs' tallies against the others. The total number of points in these binary pairings is 35. Tally each pair (Se/Ni, Ne/Si, Ti/Fe, Te/Fi) and you will see it adds up to 35. Then they just rank them. I've seen other tests like this but they don't isolate questioning to just binary pairs. Since this test does not balance functions against non-binary pairings, you could score each "pair" to discover a preference, but I don't think you can rank all the functions together. For example, if you have an Se of 30 and an Ni of 5, you can see that you highly prefer Se over Ni... but it has no bearing whatsoever on how you like Te in comparison to Se. Because Te and Se were never compared in the test; they are not correlated in any way; and ranking ALL the functions only works if they are all correlated in the test somehow.

    So the big problem here -- what "boosted" my Fi to "look so high" ... is really that I *don't* prefer Te. It's not that I prefer Fi either. I guess I just prefer it slightly over Te. In a free scale that doesn't arbitrarily raise or suppress functions, Fi and Te are both in my bottom four.
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    Hey, I remember this test! Looks like I'm still a proud ISTP.
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    SEE Fi


    I scored as xNFx on the bar chart part.


    Fi 24
    Fe 24
    Ni 21
    Ne 21
    Si 14
    Se 14
    Ti 11
    Te 11

    Seems kinda like BS, lol.
    () 9w8-3w2-7w6 tritype.

    RCueI (primary Inquisition)

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    The questionnaire reports that your preferences are probably ISFP (or ISFJ).
    There is absolutely, positively no way in hell I am ISFP.

    Fi 26
    Si 25
    Fe 18
    Ni 18
    Se 17
    Ti 17
    Ne 10
    Te 9

    * your dominant function is Feeling and clearly introverted
    * your auxiliary (second most important) is Sensation and clearly introverted
    * your tertiary (third) is iNtuition and clearly introverted
    * your inferior (fourth) is Thinking and clearly introverted

    ISTJ 69% ISFJ 79% INFJ 63% INTJ 53%
    ISTP 60% ISFP 80% INFP 72% INTP 52%
    ESTP 53% ESFP 63% ENFP 47% ENTP 37%
    ESTJ 44% ESFJ 64% ENFJ 56% ENTJ 36%

    I think I interpreted some of the test questions differently than the writer/scorers did.

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    Like the OP, I get only Introverted Functions in my top 4, it sounds very unhealthy.
    Ni 26
    Fi 21
    Ti 19
    Si 18
    Ne 17
    Fe 16
    Te 14
    Se 9

    (the tests give me INFJ 77%, INTJ 75%, INFP 69%, INTP 65% which, on the other hand, I find quite accurate)
    4w5 so/sp
    I 77% E 23%
    N 85% S 15%
    T 51% F 49%
    J 60% P 40%
    average of many test results combined

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    I think tests that indicates your strengths on cognitives are never reliable. A person cannot function with an unbalanced set of cognitive functions. We only operate with 4 functions and not all 8. and these four has to have 2 introverted and 2 extroverted functions in order to create a well-adjusted functioning human.

    There are only 16 combinations of functions. That is why there are only 16 personality types.

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    Default Unreliable

    has to have 2 introverted and 2 extroverted functions in order to create a well-adjusted functioning human.
    Who says I'm well-adjusted and functioning?

    Ok, I understand that that test was unreliable then. Thanks.

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