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Thread: ENTPs (and the others too), how do you deal with (unexpected) failures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theaferist View Post
    I just realized that I feel totally pissed and it makes me try like 3 times harder to find new ways possibilities how to succeed, but at the same time I'm wondering if I meet all the requirements to guarantee success. This wondering which a bit makes me believe that maybe I am not that great at all, drives me kinda crazy. Though I believe it's good to land from the sky to ground once in a while, I still hate to fail, especially when I've wasted so much of my time just to succeed .. What about you?
    Why is success so important? Seems more important to focus on building a pile of experience and hard work.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    This is how I deal with it
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    Usually my aims/targets aren't specific enough to make the word "failure" relevant anyway. As long as the situation I'm in is workable, or as long as I can find a way to make a screw up still viable, then it's successful.

    Either that, or commit sepuku.
    I'm male and over 30, FYI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    Why is success so important? Seems more important to focus on building a pile of experience and hard work.
    Because when you do really hard work to make it good and get yourself depressed/annoyed til death because of it several times, you somehow expect it to succeed. :steam:
    It's nice to gain experience and improve your skill and I know what you mean, but when you try almost like never before, get over your laziness, man it sucks, if you still fail.. It's a little depressing, but i got over it in a few hours. I guess it's nice to be an ENTP, you move on so quickly.
    Anyway, the less I try, the more I succeed, i wonder if it's gonna work for real life too, not only for school!?
    Oh yeah?

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    I brood a little on the inside but move onto the next challenge with gusto. It's mind over matter, NOT what other people think and their sabotaging comments.


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    Failure is part of the learning curve. That is how I think of it.

    Also, when you can't reach your goal, sometimes giving up is the right thing to do.
    The fear of poverty turns people into slaves of money.

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    Conquer your inner demons first before you conquer the world.

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    Yes, learning is the most important part. Failure is often a step to mastery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    Why is success so important? Seems more important to focus on building a pile of experience and hard work.
    why is that? what is the value of experience and the value of hard work? yes, every solution will always beget yet another problem, but one less is better than one more, no?

    is it because hard work is the antidote to e7? and if so, what is the antidote to e5? (desire for all knowledge, omniscience, avoidance of emotional struggle, etc?)

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    I can't say because my failures are always expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuni View Post
    Depends on the type of failure.

    Most cases I'll just either fix the problem, thus removing the failure aspect, or I'll compensate by making sure I learn that lesson, never do it again, and apply it to everything else I do from then on.

    There are times though... that a personal failure can dig deep and lead to nasty bouts of depression. It's usually rare, only once or twice a year tops really... but when it hits, it hits hard. The worst ones are the ones that either yeu COULD have avoided failing at but didn't, and yeu're stuck with permanent repercussions yeu can never escape now because of it... or the ones where yeu flat out couldn't've stopped, and even in the future, yeu still can't stop it from happening again, leaving a mark of helplessness.

    These two smack me down hard, and I've never truly found a way to defeat them or cope, short of just waiting it out, which usually takes a long, long time, sometimes several months.
    Quote Originally Posted by visaisahero View Post
    Unexpected failures are the easiest to deal with because they're not your fault.Learn whatever there is to be learnt from it, get up, dust yourself off and move on.

    As the above poster said, it's personal failures (ones that you should have seen coming) that can hit hard sometimes.

    And the only real requirements to success, as far as I know, are to always keep learning and to never give up.
    Are the examples in bold above, examples of how ENTPs use Si? You try an idea, it fails, then you have an Si library of why Ti ideas fail? What if you dont use Ti often, how do you know if the Ti idea is any good or not?

    (Trying to figure out how enfps use Fi and it seems symmetric but wrt to Fi emo)

    Quote Originally Posted by Liason View Post
    If I find that I have had an unexpected failure, then I am first intrigued. Usually I would consider the possibility of one of my ideas/plans failing, and as such, and unexpected one would be completely rare.
    Do you map out every possible way the plan could fail and then make a contingency plan or abort decision before moving forward?

    In NLP this is called "away from pain" thinking. You always anticipate the problem/pain points when planning. Mostly they say it can make you a bit pessimistic and maybe drag you down, however two places where it is extremely useful:

    Regulatory/QA-the ISTJ ruled land
    Strategic Planning-Mostly INTJs with some ENFPs thrown in for fun

    I call this "pothole detection and mitigation" but my entp best friend calls it "pessimistic bitch sessions". It males her eyes bug a little.

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