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Thread: Can you tell type from a song??

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    Default Can you tell type from a song??

    YouTube - I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie (cover)

    See, I stumbled across this cover of a Death Cab for Cutie song by one of my music peers in Singapore. She's an acquaintance. Her name is Inch Chua - and yes, she's heard all the jokes about inches already.

    I know I'm biased in my perception of her, so I'm hoping to see if you guys can make a guess on her personality type - based SOLELY on the way she sings, the way she covers the song, the way she carries herself, and that sickly sweet happy-go-lucky smile on her face at the end of the cover.

    What type do you think she is? I already have the answer directly from her; I'm just seeing if it's possible to tell a personality type from an artist's performance.

    Disclaimer: I am not trying to promote her video, because I'm not a fan of the sickly sweet. At all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astroninja View Post
    Disclaimer: I am not trying to promote her video, because I'm not a fan of the sickly sweet. At all.
    I liked it, she is a real cutie... as you say sweet, and ultra feminine.

    I don't think there is enough there to type her on, but if I was guessing:
    I = because I get a calmness vibe of her
    F = the whole ultra fem/sweet
    P = because she is not styled with precision... she wears her cloths in a very casula/haphazard fashion.

    A guess more than anything wouldn't hold muhc water by it.

    I really liked it...

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    I get an IxFP vibe too.

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    xSFP. My guess is ESFP.

    Dont generally go by clothes, but its her face, the look in her eyes is not like she can feel the song itself, but more the music. The smile doesnt seem focused, but more of a pulled back smile.
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.

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