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Thread: Do you believe in soulmates?

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    I believe that two people can become soulmates in the process of a lifelong relationship. But I think this applies to virtually any two people if they're committed and dedicated enough. I don't think it does happen too often, because mostly people just quit too easily, long before the stage when it's possible for them to truly know each other well enough.

    And the idea that there is one special person "out there" who you'll know instantly is Right For You is just a crock of shit. You can't know anyone that well until you've lived with them at least a couple of decades. You might think you do, and tell yourself you do, because you want to, but reality's just around the corner.

    A shrink once said to me (off the record) that soul mates are basically like siblings you're allowed to fuck - you can't get that close to anyone until you've lived a significant and formative chunk of your life expectancy at close quarters with them, sharing a room with them and with your lives inextricably linked with no option of exit from the situation. And you're still talking to each other, and haven't tried to kill each other for at least a year or two.

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    I don't believe in a soul, so I guess I can't believe in soulmates. However I do believe that two people can love each other, to the extent that this means profound admiration of a persons mind and strength of character, a spark of attraction, and a bond built through common experience.

    "Soulmates" implies this is something existing in the realm of the supernatural. I disagree with that. Rather the extent to which future events cannot seperate two people is directly proprotional to the realm of real, lived experience together and the emotional and intellectual bonds which this establishes over time. A person is the result of their experience and so are relationships.
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    No, I don't.

    I do believe in people being in similar wavelengths and I believe in quick and effortless connection with some people. I have had this "Yeah, I totally know what you mean" feeling with people I hardly know and, sometimes, by taking the time to get to know them better, it has been proved not to be superficial.

    I think that, no matter what our train of thought is, it's never gonna be too original. There will be some people that have had similar or proportional experiences and that they have perceived them and assimilated them in similar ways. That gives this "dejavu" feeling, but I really think there's nothing more to it.

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    Yes, I believe in soulmates, but I believe there can be more than one for a person and that it doesn't have to be romantic (think David and Jonathan in the Bible).
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    Not really. I do require a certain list of traits for someone to be my mate and those people may be rather rare but there is no soul mate per se.
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    Soul mates are found. Soul mates are the result of happenstance and coincidence, which only appears fated in hindsight. We look back upon all the events that brought us to this other person and it is impossible to imagine it in any other way. Could you have had a close bond with another person of a similar level? Possibly. But, how can you know? Alternate realities are worthless aspects of rumination.

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    hey, we belong together

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