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Thread: Do you have a lot of friends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    I don't even know what my expectation is.

    Rationally, I have shared a lot of information with some people and trust them, and they return the favor; and we seem to very much like each other and enjoy spending time or talking together; but it's like I just want to be 100% in sync with someone and FEEL close/intimate and that rarely happens, it always feels like it has distance involved.

    There are definitely a lot of people who give and exchange goodwill with me, though.
    Yes, it's exactly the same for me. It's the really intimate part that's missing. On the other hand, I'm fine with my more casual connections as well. I think we find the friend expectation in our SOs.

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    I have a modest amount of friends. I've always pretty much went through cycles with really close friends, usually consisting of a close group of 3 or 4 people. I've shifted friend groups quite a bit as well. In the end though I would say I have about 3 really good friends whom I discuss and share a lot with, participate in many activities with, and just chill with on a frequent basis.

    Outside of that I have a maybe another 5-10 who I wouldn't hesitate to call or drop by their houses. These people are usually ones that I've spent a significant amount of time with in the past and have a generally good picture of what their personality is and more intimate knowledge of how they work, their tendencies, and who they associate with. There is a great deal of comfort in these friendships. I almost feel as if circumstances were to change somewhat we could eventually become much closer.

    Outside of those two groups I usually maintain a sort of frequent acquaintance with approximately another 20 people. These people are usually friends of friends, people I'm involved with in some class, people who I respect for their sense of humor or perspective but am not close to and the like. There usually tends to be a small fraction of this group that I really value time spent with. I'd say maybe around 5. While we might not meet as frequently or run in the same close circles we usually end up spending some interesting times together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPER View Post
    simple question really.
    I tend to have loads and loads of acquaintances.
    Quite a few people who I call "friend" but are living farther away from me and I don't get to see as often anymore. A very small group of friends living near me.

    I would say real, true blue set in stone friends would amount to about 10-20, perhaps? A bunch more who I currently call friend but the relationship has never been tested in any way so they can come and go, and they do.
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    No. Currently, I only have two people that I like to say are kind of my close friends. That would be my younger brother and someone I've known for almost 10 years. I consider most of everyone else just acquaintances. People I talk to, but don't really hang out with too often unless accompanied by one my friends.

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    No. I don't really have the drive to form any friendships at my university. It's like forcing myself to eat when I'm already full. I haven't been in touch with my older friends. Besides my SO, I don't have any. I feel I should be worried about this.
    Um, yeah.

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    I've got quite a few friends, yes... I don't see them very often, but that's not necessary, is it?
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    Friends that I know will have my back, and they know I have theirs. They're like family, type deal. Even if we're not in regular contact (life course divergence)...but, we're still able to pick up where we left off, and to the same depth we had, or calling them for random favours won't ever be like - oh, so now that you need something, you call? kind of weirdness...these kinds, I have 5. My perfect handful, I call them. They've seen me grow, seen the challenges I've faced, the misanthrophy that was me, was a huge influence in how I learned to care and interact with others, and to hang on. Cuz they wouldn't ever let me cut ties. Stubborn bastards. Saw through me. My best friends/good friends.

    One I've known for 16 years.

    The rest four, I've known for 8 years.

    And, beyond them, I do have friends, in whose life I take an interest, and they in mine, good conversations, activities, and such, but I'd think twice about putting them out with a need of mine, its convenience, etc. The ones I wouldn't necessarily miss. These kind of people, maybe 10~ people.

    Oh, and I got a few animal friends too, yup!

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    Friends? 4 or 5 maybe. Future friends I have mapped out and friends I'm likely to drop also. Such is the life of an INTJ. I can't keep up with all those people and trying to sort out all of their problems.

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    Not really, because I'm terrible at keeping touch, and I tend only to stay in regular touch with someone if we're involved in a common effort. Also I tend to make friends with other T's (usually NT) who are similair.

    Quote Originally Posted by cloud View Post
    Does my fingers count?
    Not sure but my right hand is a good friend of mine. (sorry, it had to be done)
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    I have a friend, by which I mean someone I can count on. I had other friends before, but they have all drifted away in one way or another, and I didn't pursue them. My 'friends' right now are my very extroverted GF's friends.

    EDIT: I met Biaxident on Saturday. We're friends!

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