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Thread: NT's and cheating

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    No I wouldn't, if I don't like you, I'll tell you to your face instead of acting passively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GirlAmerica View Post
    Would you/have you? Under what circumstances? What do you actually consider cheating?
    Never and Never.

    I'd have to have been severely burned to ever contemplate it, and frankly, revenge sounds sweeter.

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    It is interesting that most of the replies to this thread have made the assumption that the question was in regards to relationships, which is no where evident in the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pangolin View Post
    It is interesting that most of the replies to this thread have made the assumption that the question was in regards to relationships, which is no where evident in the OP.
    I found that interesting too. (I remember going back and rereading the OP just to be sure.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by fiona View Post
    No. Never.

    Cheating says you are happy to risk a stable relationship with your SO for the sake of a quick fling. If you know your actions are going to deeply (and possibly permanently) damage the love you and your SO have, then to go ahead and cheat means you actually don't value the relationship that highly.
    This is how I feel about it too, basically. In the past, I've found that if I'm looking at other people (more than a casual glance) then there's something wrong with my relationship. In a good relationship, I have tunnel vision, and I'm extremely emotionaly monogomous. I understand it's not that way for everyone, but I have a really hard time with cheating behavior because of my perspective and think that it would poison any relationship I had if it happened. Even if I could rationalize it away, it would eat at me too much and kill us eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    I think it's very easy for people to say they wouldn't, who've never been under any really severe temptation.

    No, I haven't ever, but as I say, I never felt tempted.
    I personally agree with this, but I also am willing to acknowledge that there are probably people who, due to their own personality and influences, would never find the concept even remotely interesting.

    But consider the case of the bisexual person - contrary to popular belief, most bisexuals don't just feel like they could go either way any time. We also don't get 'the best of both worlds' or a bigger 'choice' of people to date. In fact, we get a smaller dating pool than anyone else, since gay people are often suspicious of us and straight people tend to find anything like that kinda 'icky', and say they wouldn't date a bisexual.

    In reality, I can go for long periods of time when I'm only interested in the same sex, and even start to wonder if I'm gay - then suddenly without warning, and it's beyond my own control, I just go right off men and am only interested in women, and can't even imagine myself going with a man and wonder how I ever did. Then it swings round again.

    For a bisexual person to commit to one relationship with one person, they're basically being asked to deny an entire part of themselves for the rest of their lives. If I were with a woman, there would be periods where I'd find the concept of my own relationship repulsive, and in order for it to stay alive the woman would have to understand that until my orientation 'swings' back, and neither she nor I have any control over when/whether it does, my heart really wouldn't be in any physical intimacy with her.

    In a relationship I was in once, it was extremely difficult for me to keep slogging at a relationship with someone of a gender I wasn't even sure if I'd ever be attracted to it again. It's not that there was any one particular person that I felt tempted by or attracted to - it was more a case of just feeling like I wanted a different relationship, I had needs that were not being met, and couldn't possibly be met, in the relationship I was currently in. I didn't cheat, as I say, but I wouldn't be able to swear that if, at that time, someone of the gender I was oriented towards came along who I felt a strong attraction to, I wouldn't have wavered or even cave.
    First of all: Bisexuals unite! Then disagree, because GLBT isn't so much a community as a simmering feud. I identify as a bi-man, but I feel pretty balanced in my attraction to both genders at any one time. I can definitely check out a woman's assets and then lust after a guy without mental gears clashing, though I do acknowledge the gender of my current partner often tilts me in their direction. It's rather odd, but I do have fun with it!

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    never had a relationship so i don't know for sure... but i don't think i'd ever cheat. For if i actually was dating or was married to someone that is just amazing by itself and i must really trust/love the person in my relationship (for i can only have a relationship when i completley trust that person) so yeah... i'd never cheat if that was the case
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