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Thread: Rationals over there, how do you behave when you fall in love?

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    It matters by how one defines 'love'.

    I would call it in 'lust' in my case.
    There is this one girl who I was friends with who I fell in love with- we went on a few dates but I was absolutely in love. I was crazy nice to her.

    I've had a couple other infatuations here and there but I haven't really acted on there. Right now, I'm sticking with an innocent celebrity crush. It's easier..

    I've gotten closer to some girls who I wasn't infatuated with at all- they were the ones to approach me.
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    I'm not sure if I'd call it love.. Limerence, though, is something I've been cursed by before. Annoying as it might be. I tend to meet new, fascinating people and just try to talk to them constantly, be around them. I love being around people that I find interesting. Unfortunately, it can quickly come across as being suffocating I've noticed.

    I guess the problem is that I meet these interesting people, and I want to, more or less, consume and subsume their entire personality. I want to know what makes them tick, how they think, and all of the little vagaries of their existence. If love evolves out of that, then splendid. If they flee and never talk to me again, it isn't particularly worrisome either.

    As far as when I -am- in love, well, I'm a blithering fool. I'm already incommensurately absent-minded, it just makes it a number of orders of magnitude worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZiL View Post
    I fall in and out easily. Idealize then rationalize. Both love and infatuation.
    Very well said.

    I've fallen in love I guess you could say. The feeling has never been returned though. So technically I haven't fallen in love. I've fallen on love. Love is a hard surface to fall on.
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    It's not too difficult to me to feel some kind of attraction for a woman, but I don't fall in love easily. I would have probably already hanged myself if I did, considering how taxing is such an experience.
    How to deal with it? I have no fixed strategy, but the basis is to limit the feeling and not to let it to expand too much before it has consistent possibilities to become a relation. In the meantime, I keep the eyes open for opportunities to spend time together with the potential subject. I'm not too active in this latter strategy since analyzing strategies would become an obsession and would make difficult to keep the feeling from overgrowing: it's Fi and can really burn a mind from the inside.

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    What is this love of which you speak? I'll chip in when the question has been expanded to include lust.
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    I act like a giddy idiot when I have any type of attraction, and usually tell her, sooner than later. I've learned it pays to be upfront and conscious about all intimacy-related things... sometimes for the worse, but I'd rather have it backfire in my face (which it has, too many times) than let it stay stagnant.

    An E/I difference, maybe?
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    Hard in, unguarded once there, easy out once hurt.

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