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Thread: ENTJ "Intensity"

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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post

    Stop overanalyzing, and life will be easier for you.
    will do
    LIFE is the expression of SELF within and as Oneness and Equality

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    Only my personal experience - but E and I NTJs are the intense ones with I's having a bit of an edge over the E's, likely due to longer thought processing. Both require well reasoned arguments from their opponents even if they don't agree with the argument in total. The ENTJ rules the soapbox world - esp. in relation to politics.

    Again - this is only my personal observation.

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    i see that intensity in INTJ, not so much in ENTJ

    seems to me that the ENTJ i know is just going down one huge list of life. everything they does is so...'sharp' and subjectively defined.

    i attribute the intensity to N dominant- INTJ and ENTP

    characteristically less intense: INTP and ENTJ

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