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Thread: INTJ, Responsibility, Duty and Competency

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    Default INTJ, Responsibility, Duty and Competency

    When chatting with an INTJ earlier today I came across a theme that we could agree upon:

    When people place expectations upon us we have little choice but to follow through - But, the act of the expectation makes it an incredibly difficult thing to acheive because the deficiency/incompetency and failure to meet the duty has been brought to our attention and we feel responsible.

    Often these things can become all consuming to the point that we lose track of other things as we come to view these (even minor things) as incredibly important.

    Can other INTJs relate to this concept?

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    Yes, the worst part is when you rebel against it and don't comply with them anymore because try as you may, the expectations are still going to weigh on you.

    Dealing with expectations was significantly more straightforward when I was younger. Now that more Fi has creeped in, I have to learn to deal with them again so they don't paralyse me.

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    sometimes. if i imposed the expectation on myself, hell yes. if someone else (whose opinion doesn't really matter to me[which would be most people]) then no. i really don't give a damn about other people's expectations of me. just mine. when i start to not fulfill my own expectations, then i run into problems...

    although, if you are referring to perfectionism, then by all means, yes. if i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it right.
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    If someone imposes an expectation on me that I don't agree with, it will be ignored. I think, perhaps, what you are talking about happens to me whenever someone else brings to light an expectation that I had never consciously realized I had for myself, or one that I had not considered having, but agree with.
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    Yes... I can relate. I've suffered from this before. When all eyes are watching us we feel tense and energy is lost. It is like stage fright but on a wider and longer scale.

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    It depends on how I feel about the person placing the expectation on me.
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