For non sequitur some weaknesses of ENTJs

May be unable to understand other peopleís needs where these differ from their own.

∑ May unwisely assume their ideas are the only right ones and are therefore being fully implemented by others.

∑ May become childishly petulant or angered when confronted by situations which require feeling judgments.

∑ May become so engrossed in a plan or ambition that personal needs and the needs of others are forgotten.

∑ May take every decision not made in agreement with their rational beliefs as a personal rejection.

∑ May be easily taken in or manipulated by others via agreement with their rational attitudes.

∑ May become obsessed with small obstructions and difficulties to the point where the overall plan is forgotten

∑ May believe natural limitations are actually ailments which ought to be eradicated

∑ May assume others are ever plotting against them.

∑ May believe only their own view of the world or a situation is correct, even to the point that they make it into a kind of dogma which must be followed by those around them.