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    Quote Originally Posted by justxher View Post
    Nanoengineering is just the manipulation of things at the nanoscale, so basically manipulation of individual atoms. There are a whole bunch of different fields you could work in it for, like electronics, materials, medecine, devices or anything, but the idea is that youre basically trying to change the properties of the material by focusing on the atomic scale.
    kool. So you could get into that field through just about any other science field?
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    There is a new branch in mechanical engineering in my university growing into the direction of nano-engineering aswell and I thought about taking some courses.

    But research work ? Hmhmhm, I hate labs

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ99 View Post
    kool. So you could get into that field through just about any other science field?
    I don't think so, there are tons of universities that have nanoengineering as a specific program on its own, or as a specialization of another program in engineering. I don't know where else one would find it.

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    You will find research of this nature in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics, medical technology, and their related engineering disciplines like materials science and chemical/biochemical engineering. There has also been some interest from the environmental science people, in assessing the impact of nanotechnology on the environment.

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