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    In management classes we were told that for every negative comment given there should be seven positive comments to create a positive teamwork atmosphere. Something about when people feel better about themselves, they perform better.

    Apparently people want to be praised for stuff they should be doing anyway. I never really knew that or worked that way, but yeah, since doing that I have noticed a difference in some people. Not all, but some people work well with this.

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    I heard about praise along with doing favors (true favors-- no reciprocation expected) as part of an evolutionary cycle. By doing favors, even emotional ones such as giving praise, you are in effect saying that you wish for this person to live longer and pass on their positive traits. In a holistic view of health, this becomes more important-- praise causes greater productivity and all that. It's not like calling someone exceptional or giving them a prize for being the best, it's just a way of saying that they deserve to be kept in the community.

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    Default Super!

    This is super! I saw this thread at the bottom of another page and after reading what you people wrote I'm totally not surprised now that I picked this nic.

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