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Thread: How are ENTJs intimidating?

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    I find ENTJ's to be somewhat refreshing when they are themselves, actually.
    If you were to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperServal View Post
    I am currently dating an ENTJ and this is exactly what he does. He doesn't control everyone but he certainly makes his presence known. However, he is controlling as far as performing tasks go. For example, if I am with him and I am about to do something (no matter how simple it is) he will begin telling me exactly how to do it. This is the one thing about him that annoys me to no end. So I just turn and give him a piercing stare and he shuts up. I mean...I'm open to new ways of doing things but I don't like to feel that I'm totally incompetent at everything I do when he's around.

    Other than that....I really enjoy him. Looking back on my past relationships I realize that he and I probably have the best and most lively conversations out of those relationships. I love the fact that we can discuss anything with varying amounts of passion, playfulness, and seriousness.
    LMAO. The one deal with was attempting to tell me how to replace an oven element (this despite the fact I'd gleaned what I needed to know from several websites while waiting for him to show up with the damned element) and the first thing he said was "First, I want you to make sure the oven is unplugged."

    If looks could kill....

    But yeah, the sparring is fantastic. As is having a conversation with no subjects off-limits. And I don't generally have to worry about hurting his feelings.

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