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Thread: Gamer girls

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    See I think my definition's a little broad on the matter, compared to whot most people think of it as...

    I consider 'gaming girl' to just cover 'any female who considers video games a valid form of entertainment' rather than those who are like 'why do yeu waste yeur time on that crap?'.

    Being willing to just play occasionally, and grasp that it can be FUN is all that's required in my opinion to fall under the category... though I suppose the term really should be more specific on the matter, but I like to think otherwise. Because only my opinion matters. And it is law! *Pounds gavel around BAM BAM BAM* See just like that! =D

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    We will see more and more of this really, guitar hero, wiis etc

    It makes sense though... they finally worked out there's a much larger market than they originally thought

    TBH though there have always been great unisex games around who remembers some of the old N64 classics? I really liked zelda OOT that game never gets old

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    Do you think you'll stay that way for the rest of your life, and be happier for it?
    Haha... not for the rest of my life. I figure, I'll feel less guilty playing games when I get a job.
    I have an inner monologue that sounds strikingly similar to something off Animal Planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephMC939 View Post
    Haha... not for the rest of my life. I figure, I'll feel less guilty playing games when I get a job.
    Oh, yeah, I know what you mean there. I haven't played them since I started looking for a job either. It's hard to find one, though.

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