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Thread: intps and plaid

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    I know one INTP, and he does indeed wear plaid a lot.

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    All my shirts are plaid or one plain colour. But I like clothes that have a patttern with a small twist to it better. Like these boardshorts although I dont like the colourway.

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    Lots of plaid shirts here, but I'm from 'Bama originally, so that explains a lot of it.

    Also have a concealed carry permit. Plaid and Hawaiian shirts help break up the shape of the firearm, causing it to print less. Great for carrying IWB with the shirt untucked.
    Practical and stylish (depending on where you live, anyway).
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    I am not against plaid. However except for a plaid tie and a plaid button down short sleave shirt that I rarely wore and then recently gave to

    In my teens my dress was pretty drab. Black tshirt shirt, blue jeans and combat boots.

    Now I am an exception to INTP bad dresser stereotype. Now women steal my clothes (no I'm not a transvestite). However, I do have those days were I don't give a damm and wrinkly shorts and t shirt with holes are the call of the day or going out in my "dress sweats" (i.e. the ones with pockets )
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