also-since this is the most random, erratic thread.

Another question.

When using Ti:

Do you
1) identify an external problem
2) rebuild the problem inside of your mind, recreate it and then
3) solve the problem

I realized I think I do this with Fi-except with people
1) pick up external "fuzzies" from people-all the information, layers of it that makes them up that Ne adsorbs subconciously
2) rebuild the person in my mind-sort of a virtual person, a model of that person based on all the intangible fuzzies accumulated-a ruleset, "people blobs"
3) analyze the person by doing virtual simulations with the "fuzzy model" that allow predictions of what the real person would do

Almost like I develop Fi "rules" for individual people. This is all very subconcious and I sort of stumbled down these thoughts a day or two ago.

It made me wonder if ENTPs use Ti to analyze problems in a similiar way, if other ENFPs do this, or if I need to increase the dosages on my meds.

Off to take another hit of acid....