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Thread: Imagined Conversations

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    [YOUTUBE="VTaC3I5K8pk"]No More Mr. Nice Gaius[/YOUTUBE]

    I can't believe this is the only youtube vid making a joke of Baltar talking to himself.

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    I have imaginary conversations fairly often, with people I make up spontaneously in my head. I try to give them personalities that suit whatever I need to talk to them for, if that makes sense. I sometimes pretend someone is 'interviewing' me and I'm answering their questions, either on a talkshow or in a therapist-like setting. It's a good way to analyze things too, to see all the different sides of a situation by having someone question you about it.

    Sometimes, when I'm really sleep deprived and too lazy to make up a personality, I use a celebrity or something, but because they're real people whose personalities might not be anything like I imagine them to be, it feels a little weird to me.

    I never answer out loud though, that would be embarrassing for me. Sometimes if I'm really into it I'll unconsciously mouth or whisper my thoughts, though.
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    Or I'm having conversations with other people that also exist in reality (eg. I'm acting out my next lesson complete with the answers of the students).
    Or I'm discussing with some of my characters eg. in the railway station: Main, what do you think about trains? What do you think about them, Villain?
    Or I'm discussing with a character of a book (speaking loudly until I realise what I'm doing) eg. come on, Harry, there is nothing wrong in asking Hermione's help!

    But most of the time, I'm imagining whole conversations between two or more imagined characters eg. yesterday I was acting out a short story featuring a few of the personified types, namely ESTJ and the NPs - with INFP as main character and ESTJ in trouble!

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    The vast majority of conversations I'm involved in are in my head. Whole relationships are in my head. Way too much is in my head... only in my head...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowself17 View Post
    I sometimes pretend someone is 'interviewing' me
    I do something similar very often, even animated with gestures and pacing. I think it helps to work out theories.

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    How many of you have ever had a full conversation (in your head or outloud) between yourself and either someone else you know, or a historical or fictional character.

    Haha, I do this all the time. I'm really glad to read that it's not just me. I have conversations about how situations with people I know would be (or could be, or should be). Sometimes I'll be driving and someone will do something stupid and I'll have an entire conversation (playing their part and mine) about the about their mistake. I try to keep the conversations in my head but sometimes I get lost in them and start speaking out loud. I only realize I've spoken aloud when my husband or son asks me who I'm talking to.

    A second question: if so, has anyone accidently done this in front of other people?

    See above. I don't think I've ever done it in front of strangers, but if I had I wonder if they'd tell me?
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    I have these inner monologues and dialogues with myself all the time. I've never had another figure present. It really is like there's two sides of me having a conversation in my head. There can be one part asking the questions and the other answering and vice versa. But I do the monologues most often. And it's about everything I see, think and feel. I might mumble something out loud but a few words are enough to make me realize that I'm doing it. This makes me stop and retreat back into my mind.

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    I do this all the time, although it's not necessarily conversations with people but any situation I can think of. I never speak out loud if there are others around, but I've often found myself making the facial expressions that I imagine. That usually brings me back to reality, and then I look around, hoping that nobody saw me

    When I do imagine conversations, it's usually with people I know (but I can never remember specific instances, just like I can never remember much of my dreams).

    I also talk to myself. A lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    Errm the real challenge I find is to try to remember if the conversation you remember having was in your head or with the intended subject. The number of times I've thought through an entire conversation and then not had that conversation as I no longer needed to is embarrassing. Especially when I was supposed to be telling them something important and so thought it through and then failed to actually HAVE the conversation!
    This happens to me a lot. Almost to the point of counter productivity. Or maybe the opposite. I've found myself explaining something to someone in my head then a few days later I'm asked to explain just that thing.
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    The best example of this I've seen is when my ENFJ friend argues with himself verbally. He's usually reading some D&D rule or other with strings of comments of "yes... no...yes... no it can't work.. oh I see, it does.... no it doesn't!". I usually last at least two minutes before I have to find out what he's arguing about... Silly cluck doesn't realise that he does so much better if he just reads it to someone...
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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