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Thread: Good qualities of INTJs

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    Default Good qualities of INTJs

    OK. This is What The NT Rationale's most recent posts look like.

    Good qualities of INTJs-threads-jpg

    I realize NTs are fond of criticism and I believe that constructive criticism exists and is good for refinement and improvement, but perhaps we're over doing it. Besides I am no closer to understanding the criticism of INTPs than I was at the beginning of the rant on INTPs thread.

    I realize INTJs have no need for this, but since they have topics about why they suck, why they are intimidating, and why they are perfectionists, maybe we should start a thread similar to "The ISTJ Fanclub".

    So my list:
    1. Original, imaginative and creative
    2. Outspoken, challenges the status quo.
    3. Generally good quick decision makers
    4. Have visions for the future.
    5. Are generally organized.
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    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    Why? There are no where near the Theorist (NT) bashings, as opposed to Improviser (SP) and Traditionalist (SJ) bashings on this or any other forum. I think it's healthy for all types to come to a realization that their poop is not impervious to stench simply because they are a certain type.

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    One would expect the whole forum would jump in the thread listing the INTJs' good qualities... Wonder why this hasn't happenned yet

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    What I like about INTJs:

    1. Are objective and concise
    2. Are calm and organized
    3. Are imaginative and creative
    4. Always seeking to improve
    5. Are not threatened by status
    6. Have the ability to bring surreal into usable reality

    INTJs are like intellectuals that don't require appreciation for motivation, but rather, require the resources to realize their dreams for the greater good of humanity as a whole.

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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I really like INTJ's. Sure, they can be crass, argumentative, and insensitive, but they're more than intelligent enough to make up for this. If you can look past the gruff exterior, you'll see some of the most insightful, clever people in the world. If you succeed in enlisting their help in something, they are likely your most innovative planners and most competent workers. If they've developed enough Fi, they're often fairly trustworthy and quietly sympathetic as well.

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    I don't know any INTJs, but I guess they are ok, at least of what I see online

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    - Know what they know and, importantly, what they don't know
    - Strategic and think about long term consequences for actions
    - Persevering
    - Able to maintain a controversial opinion, even in the presence of strong opposition
    - Perfectionnistic
    - Wise
    - Authentic and stable investment in relationships
    - Good at taking objective and tough decisions

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    I wouldn't mind one like this for us ENTPs!

    I like INTJ's. I dig them. Sometimes they confuse me because I think I've said something clearly to them and yet they seem to always miss my point, whilst thinking I've missed theirs when I know I haven't, I've answered it - they just don't see the connection. But unlike when this happens with other types, with INTJ's they are always ready to calmly and reasonably work through the misunderstanding, and they don't seem to harbour any hard feelings afterwards, and they don't take any of it personally. I've known people (particularly F's) who take it very personally when you misunderstand them, as if you're deliberately not trying to because you don't care. INTJ's never do that (but ENTJ's do, though they deny it).

    And I really dig the way they stick to their guns when they know they're right. That's something I relate to a lot. I know that if I get the INTJ on my side then I've got a powerful advocate who won't back down any more than I will; I can rely on them.

    And they're also very sincere. I've never met an INTJ that wasn't really genuine, without a fake bone in their body.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    So my list:
    1. Original, imaginative and creative
    2. Outspoken, challenges the status quo.
    3. Generally good quick decision makers
    4. Have visions for the future.
    5. Are generally organized.
    Great idea.
    I was thinking the same thing myself.
    I agree with you about being more positive, or at least having better balance.
    I have never done well with criticism, so I am not particularly fond of it myself.

    intellectually curious
    driven to learn and increase their competence and knowledge

    original minds
    great drive for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals
    quickly see patterns in external events
    develop long-range explanatory perspectives
    when committed, organize a job and carry it through
    have high standards of competence and performance---for themselves and others.

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    I really, really like the INTJs I know. Brilliant people. Funny, sweet and charming each in their own way. I think most of the good qualities that come to mind have already been mentioned, so I'll stop at that.

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