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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    I've skipped most of the ensuing pages in this thread but from my RL experience -

    I know four female INTPs, and they are all gay.

    How do they appear?

    They dress for utility, not appearance. If they care about how they look to you, they will be groomed and cleanly (but simply) dressed. If they don't care? Two words. Hot mess. (LOL you know it's true!) Okay, that's worst case (which trust me, I have seen) but yeah, if they don't care can look sloppy/scrubby.

    The most style-conscious INTP female I know is still pretty simple in dress and has a self-proclaimed "uniform" dark jeans, dark blouse, boots.

    On first appearance: they seem quiet, even stand-offish regardless of whether it's shyness or just "introversion" that's the cause. One of my INTP friends is very quiet and self-contained but she is very confident and *tough* even. I'm not sure how easily Fe picks up on those subtelties at first glance.

    Also, from what I've seen INTPs like and are even drawn to openly warm and even effusive people.

    None of them make gagdets. But 2 work in IT and 2 in medicine.

    And do not be fooled by stereotypes, INTPs can get real serious and emotional about dating and sex. In fact, INTPs fall surprisingly hard and fast for people, at least from the sample that I've seen.

    ps Small world one of my INTP female friends just called me. Bah. It takes an ENFX to put up with that crap! LOLOLOL.
    dammit..what the heck was I thinking when I got into economics? Well, at least, 2 of us are living "the dream"-lol, meaning the ones studying medicine.

    I can relate, also. Unfortunately, though, I am not gay. My life would be so much simpler if I were...

    I can relate to the falling fast and hard..I actually like the idea of a stable relationship, as long as the guy doesn't expect me to do too much socializing or acting typically "girlie" for him to impress his friends, like so many- TOO many - guys expect women to act.
    A guy who doesn't have a problem with being grabbed by the neck and smooched violently every now and then would be more my type.

    Also, I would add.. INTPs in general don't want to waste too much time and energy on, even when they are madly in love, the other person, or anybody around the INTP might just be completely unaware of these inner flames, because the INTP is probably more caught up in improving his/her work status, or just plain lost in thought..the lack of restlessness in an INTP's behavior is the best compliment you can get, because it suggests he/she feels safe with you and can now focus on the work life..

    Another thing I wanna mention, I don't know if this happens to other INTP women, but I have often been treated like an idiot by people simply because I act so un-characteristic for a "young woman" of parents, especially, seem to think I am dumb because I usually hate about 99% of people from my age group, and don't show any open interest in romance..
    Also, I am always brutally honest, even when the average girl my age would see fit to nod and smile idiotically to get away easily.
    In short, I'm the kid who yells "the emperor is naked" all the time.

    I just feel like I shouldn't be wasting my time with imaginary problems like diplomacy, social graces, being "proper"...

    Also, I think the main reason why people take me for dumber than I am is because I possess the legendary INTP absent-mindedness, so much so that I make really silly mistakes at day to day issues.

    One of the most retarded incidents I can remember-one that really made me feel embarrassed - happened when I was 14, and was waiting in line to pick up my very first identity card, and it was taking a loong time, and the whole time I was in my head, of course, as usual, thinking about the things I had just read in a recently purchased book on astrology, and while I was sitting there, making calculations on the dates of birth of everybody I knew, trying to figure out where their Moon sign was, and what their Sun sign was, a guy in front of me turned around and asked me what the date was..and I was so far inside my own head, I only heard something about the date, and since I was just thinking about astrology, I asked, like woken from a trance, "sorry, you want to know my birth date?" . I will never forget the expression on the man's face, kind of like the way people look at children with Down syndrome, a mix of pity and my head, I was laughing out loud, of course.

    Another time -though, thankfully, nobody was on to me this time, I was running late for an evening class in my first year at college-thank God it was dark outside- and I just pulled on the pair of pants I found thrown on a sofa in my room, and went to class. On the way back home, I kept getting this feeling like there was something heavy pulling on my right leg every time I would lift it up, and I payed little attention, since I was, again, in my head...
    Then, when I finally get off the bus, just across the street from my building, I saw it: a pair of stockings was half hanging out from out of my right leg, and since it had been raining, and the streets were all puddles, they had gotten all wet and heavy, and were jumping around like a yo-yo..ahahaha.
    Thank God there was nobody around, since it was like really late, and cold, and had started to rain. but it was otherwise funny.

    On the other hand, I solved math problems that the teacher was having trouble with..

    And back to the looking like an idiot thing, in middle school, and even high school, I feel teachers got this impression that I was some major nerd who got occasional high grades on the 2 or 3 subjects I found interesting because I learned books by heart, or learned maths proofs by heart, and I have no idea why.
    My take on it has always been that they just hadn't seen anyone as unusual as me...

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    but OTHER than that...

    I do care about what I look like, because I've realized how easily people can be influenced by that..I try to wear simple clothes, nothing gaudy, but I do usually wear a minimal amount of make-up...though with everything I do, it's always quality over quantity..for instance, I look for face creams with SPF, I use mineral powder on my face, which is healthier than any foundation, or other type of powder...and I also use a bit of brown pencil eye liner on the eyes, and some eye shadow to make my eyes seem more.."girlie", I guess..
    And I go through the stages of removing make-up.. 2 types of make-up removing lotions-one for the eyes, one for the rest of the face, plus a toning lotion afterward, to remove any traces of chemicals from my face.

    Also, hygiene is paramount. I can't go to bed without showering first, for instance.
    And I need to brush my teeth at least 3 times a day..

    And I do wear some jewelery, but nothing ostentatious, like I said. Plus I need to wear glasses aall the time, which I hate.
    I plan on getting contacts at some point in the nearby future..I've been told by my INTJ sister that they're very comfortable, once you get past the initial feeling of "there's something in my eyes"

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    @voidness Would I qualify according to your theory?

    The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life. - Bertrand Russell
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    Quote Originally Posted by voidness View Post
    I am an INTP female 5w4. I believe all intp women look pretty much the same. Keep in mind that we only wear makeup when we feel it is absolutely necessary.
    Very artsy, sure you're not ISTP?

    On a more serious note though, I don't think every INTP looks much the same at all. I suppose one thing most INTP's have is their monotone stare though. I can change my looks in many ways, but my eyes are always the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by Red Herring View Post
    @voidness Would I qualify according to your theory?

    Now those are INTP eyes!
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by voidness View Post
    I am an INTP female 5w4. I believe all intp women look pretty much the same. Keep in mind that we only wear makeup when we feel it is absolutely necessary.
    holy crock of shit, batman.
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    @voidness, nice pics!

    Too bad @Blutter didn't come back to the forum so she could comment. :P

    Of the INTP females I know, on the spectrum, they go from 'most fashionable/care about aesthetics' to 'what's on the clearance rack on my size?' (don't know/don't care)

    Red Herring, I am terrible at typing people by look, so I would have no idea you were INTP from your pic. :P
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

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    I hate gadgets. Also technology generally. But I'm a female INTP! *waves flag*

    I'm going to have to echo much of what Jennifer said. The main connection, for me, is respect and a mutual appreciation of a colourful inner life. I'm not aware of having had a relationship with an ENFJ, myself. The one relationship I had with a probable-F type (query ESFJ?) didn't go well at all. I couldn't connect with him on any level. That might have been the S rather than the F. But despite having a well-developed Fe AFAICT, I do still have that flinty Ti nature inside. Which isn't to say that I don't feel deeply and can't be hurt - I absolutely can - but all that kind of happens behind the curtain wall of logic, which a lot of F-based things will fling themselves at and splinter on. (A friend once described me as having "edges", which is a good way of putting it. I try to be good and decent, but I'm not cute and fluffy.) I think it's important to be kind, and compassionate, and considerate, and I understand that other people's feelings matter. I'm careful of those in a relationship. But in my heart of hearts, I cannot be doing with clinginess, neediness, jealousy, inconsistency, irrational requirements or any kind of attempt to control me. Emotions are fine. That's being human. But really, in my head, they're subject to Ti analysis, and they are legitimate targets for "That's incorrect". "You shouldn't feel that way" makes sense in my head, and in truth I have no patience for any reasoning that looks like "You should do/not do <insert unrelated behaviour here> because it makes me feel x". The "should" is crucial. I'm sorry, I "should" shave my legs because you like it? STFU. And, in fact, GTFO. I might do so because I choose to, because I would like to do something nice for my partner that they like. But there is no "should" about it as far as I'm concerned. Relationships should be a mutual coming-together (hurr hurr), and neither party is there "to make the other one happy". I hate all the "two halves of one whole" crap, I think it's bollocks and worrying, and it isn't the same thing as the compromise and mutual consideration that are necessary to a good relationship. I'm my own person; I don't want to be part of someone else. Any relationship that doesn't appreciate or can't cope with that is never going to be a runner.

    I care about looking good. That means wearing clothes that suit me, not what's fashionable. I really don't like ill-fitting clothes. But I'm also very low maintenance, so I like having a bunch of things that I can Just Put On and will immediately look OK. I don't wear makeup, can't be doing with uncomfortable shoes. Basically, once we're past basic hygiene and "do I look like I fell over in a junk shop", it rapidly stops being worth the effort most days. I scrub up nicely, so it's fun to make an effort sometimes. But if I'm at home, I really don't care. Why on earth would I bother with more than jeans and T shirt for sitting around the house?
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    Socionics has something called visual identification where they have take photographs of each of 16 types.
    For female INTPs check the INTj pictures posted here: (INTj is the type that is Ti leading in socionics and Ne creative)
    This is another gallery:

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    Not sure I fit any "stereotype." I am INTP. I can smile in pics, too...




    And will even dress up on big time dress up.

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