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Thread: Pacing

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    shit! that was me in high school and first year of uni...before i started getting the intellectual stimulation that has become a craving

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    Never, but I exercise a lot, so I rarely have physical energy to "waste". My best thinking is done while laying on the sofa or bed.
    I find that really interesting, and a great example of how the introverted./extroverted perceivign functions work. Intreoverted perceivers sit still when thinking, extroverted perceivers move about and interact with the world? I've seen auxillary Ni described as "sitting still".

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    I remember that the pacing started when I was about 5 or 6.
    I still do it to this day.

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    I only do this when I am stressed, yet oddly it stresses me too, it seems counter productive and yet I find myself doing it anyway.
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    When I'm working on an idea or solution, something about walking back and forth seems to help my Ti laser-focus more clearly.

    Maybe sitting still and having a total absence of external stimulation isn't the best way to ponder a problem, but instead a very low base-level of stimulation - the kind you get by pacing around - is ideal. This could let you become more immersed internally because you have satisfied the 5 senses, making you less tense and more relaxed.

    And relaxation is associated with alpha brain waves and alpha brain waves are associated with creativity!! BAM! Theory complete.

    Nietzsche said something that relates to this:

    "All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking"

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    I pace a lot. I pace while I am thinking intently. It begins without concscious or voluntary thought, but I find that if I'm restrained from doing it, my ability to think is seriouslky limited. It causes me some problems, because it makes it hard for me to write or study. As soon as I start thinking thinking with a sufficient intensity, I have to take flight. I've also found myself in places without remembering how I got there because of this habit.

    Space is precious to me, and it invites more pacing. For a while when I lived with my parents, I used to pace in the back yard. The outdoors are mentally invigorating for me, and of course, they are spacious, so I prefer pacing outside. Unfortunately, I paced along the same spot so much, that there was eventually a path of thin, pale, trampled grass through the yard, and my parents told me to stop (my dad said people were going to think I was retarded).
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    Yes, when I get excited about starting or doing something, I start pacing around the room. Especially when I'm talking through it out loud, imagining it. I can't sit still, I will just start pacing again.

    Also, when I'm talking on the phone, I'm always walking around in circles. But that's not as special.
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    I pace alot. For me, it blocks visual and physical distractions the same way music helps certain people study. Alot of people I know need a fan to sleep at night as well. I tend to be able to concentrate on more complex ideas while pacing.

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    I never pace when I'm deep in thought. I practically go still as a praying mantis waiting for a fly Its like I zone out of the rest of the world and all external movement ceases. Sometimes I'll even STOP walking if I'm already moving when an important thought hits me and then resume once I've finished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aderack View Post
    I have to either jog back, trying not to forget anything (at the last moment I will fail due to the concentration involved in unlocking the door or removing my shoes, and be discouraged)
    Last night I helped my friend close up shop, around the corner. Outside are a couple of planters, two heavy granite tables, and a few chairs that need to be brought in. The shop is small enough that they need to be placed in a certain order to all fit. I've helped her enough that I know the routine as well as I might, yet as I walked out I found myself correcting my thoughts: no, not the table. Go for the planter. You need to bring in the planter. Then I noticed that the planter was blocked by a half-full dog dish. I walked to the curb, dumped out the water, and placed the dish on the table.

    At which point I picked up the table and hefted it inside.

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