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Thread: entps: what's the worst thing to you of the things you dread ?

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    Default entps: what's the worst thing to you of the things you dread ?

    To me its rejection
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
    ~ Oscar Wilde - The picture of Dorian Gray

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    Yeah rejection pretty much covers me.

    Not succeeding is also pretty sucky (not failure, thatís ok, just the idea of never succeeding).

    Also being on a large ship in a really, really deep ocean, by myself, in the middle of a cold dark night, and having it sink and not knowing whatís swimming around underneath me *shudder* that one would be the worst!

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