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Thread: INTP and Sociopath

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    Interesting stuff. I've wondered about this myself many times. I must admit that some of the criteria in the list fit, but the really important ones did not. Cold and unemotional - yes, most of the time. Charming and manipulative - definitely not. Unremorseful and lacking empathy - nope. From the description, I would guess that any MBTI type could be a sociopath - some better than others maybe. I found a couple of interesting articles here and here on the subject. There's even a checklist on the 2nd one. It could be more accurate to say that INTP's might be the type most likely to be mistaken for, or even misdiagnosed as, a sociopath. That's just my 2 cents, and it might not even be worth that, but you better just agree with me or I will hunt you down like an animal and...

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    I have only ever been accused of being a sociopath once, and it was by a seventeen year old girl who was angry with me for disagreeing with her about gun control. I'm fairly introspective about issues of right/wrong and I'm not manipulative at all. I have not been in a fight with anyone since my early schoolyard days.

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    I've been accused of being a sociopath or having antisocial personality disorder many times, but I have a feeling that these were from people who either don't know me very well.

    I have a policy of letting the emotions and empathy come as it does rather than forcing it. They usually come on an inconsistent basis -- if I don't have any today, don't expect any, because I'm not creating any artificial empathy just for you. Aside from this decision not to 'force' them, I can be quite emotional but just suck at expressing them.

    This coupled with the fact that I don't know if I'm ever lying or telling the truth really would make me look like a sociopath to some people.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    I've never been called a sociopath or antisocial, but I have been told that I look like a serial killer (as if there is such thing as a generic serial killer look). Probably the harsh look I put on whenever I'm thinking hard or concentrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanan View Post
    As for sociopath or psychopath... those are about the most serious diagnoses one can hear. (as in f'n serial killer) Definitely not to be bandied about lightly! I would venture to say that anyone irl calling me that would either get a slap in the mouth or a verbal beating they wouldn't soon forget.

    Suffice to say, IMO, unless they're a doctor or the person has shared that intimate information with them, anyone using mental/emotional illness terms referring to another human being is just showing their own ignorance, illiteracy and inflated sense of self-worth... egocentric in the extreme!.. not to mention rude, crude, insulting, insensitive b*strd behavior that really should carry the consequence of them winding up on the f'n floor. :steam:

    Edit: I'll take profanity any day over namecalling.:steam:
    Approximately 1/25 or 4% of the population is a sociopath. You meet them all the time and only a small portion of them, usually the less bright, go onto commit serious crimes.

    I am not a doctor, but have had two friends that I got to know for a while and was able to discern were sociopath's. It's got nothing to do with being egocentric, it's got to do with discerning between evil selfish pricks and your run of the mill morons.

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    A description of an INTP will sound more similar to a description of a schizoid than that of a sociopath.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    I've been accused of being a sociopath or having antisocial personality disorder many times, but I have a feeling that these were from people who either don't know me very well.
    That's terrible, especially given you're so young. Somebody more sensitive and suggestible than you might end up living down to the expectations. There have been studies proving the harm of negative labels, especially when kids are labeled. It's a good thing you have such a strong personality.

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    I am observing what ENTJs do to people.

    They tend to torture them to the point when they need treatment. ENTJs are usually very poor judge of character (especially in emotional matters). They always need to assume responsibility and the desire to lead and to know - causes them to break everybody around them.

    It is like House MD. He may be successful on paper, but his methods are constantly breaking the mental state of everyone around him. On the long run his contribution is probably negative, because so many people are subtly influenced for the worse.

    ENTJs are like a drug of guilt. Because they manage to know (or organize) a dirty story about anyone in their circle, they keep all the others dependant. And at the same time accuse them of being weak and stupid.

    Of course, it's not all black and white. ENTJs are competent, bring the latest trends, and when they lead, they usually bring the crowd to final success. The question is how negatively is the crowd influenced during this process.

    In their worst moments, INTPs are also capable of creating sociopaths out of ordinary people. Not that INTPs are ever the bad guys, but they think such unimaginably negative things about others, that their reactions are shocking and can cause healthy people to go mad. The thing is, most people have some sorts of idealized images that guide them. INTPs and ENTJs tend to break those ideals to pieces, and if they are too harsh, they can produce disorders where there weren't any.

    Another sociopath-producer is the ESFJ. They are too sexual, and treat every person as meat of value or not. They are shallow, but still capable masters of subconscious accusations and personal attacks.

    In summary, I think sociopaths are the victims of indirect aggressive communication - by analogy, by quotes, by misinterpretation, manipulation etc.

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    I definitely think if an INTP gets far enough away mentally and physically from society, it's easier for them to develop sociopath traits. Sociopathy usually is when someone violates the rights of others and has no remorse, however INTPs are more likely to be schizoids or have Aspergers and not have an interest in controlling or using others.

    Most sociopaths are probably ESTPs... just a guess.

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    I think I've only ever known one INFJ with ASPD. And boy did she have it bad. She basi-
    cally did not care other people did not have the time or energy to carry her through life
    and make her desicions for her and be available at a moment's notice to go out even if
    she didn't plan on paying attention for them because she wanted to impress her new fr-
    iends that were jerks by showing them how many people she could decieve into kissing
    her butt and protecting her and she'd lie about it even if they plausibly heard her dropp-
    ing hints. And she'd enjoy other people wondering why they were so nervous or distra-
    ctable when they knew no one would believe them and did little things to antagonize th-
    em and make it worse and did not care that sometimes these people would be having to
    hide that they were shaking around her or losing sleep because she was running them
    ragged and competing with their personal belongings so they wouldn't want things she
    knew they enjoyed anymore, pit people's friends against each other and broke up relatio-
    nships (between peoples families included) because she thought it was funny. no one
    caught on until she started begging for help requiring peoples skills, interests and abilities
    she made fun of them for and told them other people laughed at them for. People wo-
    uld even take her on vacations and she'd find a way to center things around herself, but
    if someone told her she needed to get her shit together she'd say she was normal and it
    was a good thing to be superior to everybody else.

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