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Thread: NT's and Waking Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    spent half awake but in hyper analytical mode.
    Me too, but, most of my analysis is about the pros and cons of squeezing a coupla more minutes of sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qre:us View Post
    Me too, but, most of my analysis is about the pros and cons of squeezing a coupla more minutes of sleep.
    Oh yeah, if I have to get up early, I'll rationalize every last minute by using 5 minute blocks as mental bargaining chips for myself.

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    Depends, i have sleeping disorders (i think the plural form fits better, also it looks so much prettier, but it disgress)
    When I manage to stabilise for long enough, i sleep like a charm, wake up early in the morning and get more things done everyday.
    Otherwise when my sleeping paterns get all fucked up you basically have to be a necromancer to get me out of my torpor.
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    ive been fucking waking up at 3 every morning for the past week...and then drifting in and out of semi-lucid sleep

    its driving me nuts cuz then i end up napping at work and thats not always a good thing

    alcohol might have something to do with it but i think not

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    I struggle to wake up unless i have something specific to do. If its just another day at school i'll be like a zombie. If i have plans then i'll jump up all excited and get ready asap.
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    I've never really had any problems waking up and springing out of bed unless if I've been tired. I tend to fall asleep at around 2 a.m. though, and I prefer to have an ideal eight hours of sleep (I can't sleep more than that) a night, but I can operate on much less. It just makes it harder to wake up.

    Since it's the summer now and I'm on break, I don't have any real patterns, but during school, I tend to wake up two hours before my class--I'll go online, check my e-mail and do homework for the first hour, hour twenty-five and then take a shower and head to class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    I wake up 5 hours before I get up, then again at 3 hours, then 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, and the last half hour is spent half awake but in hyper analytical mode.

    Then I check my email.
    Haha, +1.
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    I used to wake up at 9am, now it's anywhere between 11-1am. It all depends on what time I go to sleep.

    As for routine, no. It all comes down to what I remember to do, and what room of the house I happen to be in.

    The latter of which results in me being late moreso than waking up late. I can't count the number of times I was halfway to work and had to come home because I forgot my keys, or my bosses keys, or left the door open or the gas on or something.
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    Alarm Clock: beep! beep! beep! beep! beep!
    INTP: (Throws the alarm clock across the room)
    Alarm Clock: beep! beep! beep! beep!
    INTP: Goddamnit! (Proceeds to get out of bed)

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    I totally have a morning routine!

    Here's my typical weekday morning for the past few months: I wake up between 8 and 8:30 (no snooze; why wake up until you have to? ), turn on the computer, put in contacts, mix and microwave a bowl of oatmeal and make coffee, check email and surf while taking my time enjoying my oatmeal and coffee, shower, dress, brush my teeth, apply a minimal makeup, and I'm out the door by 10-10:30. I perform the same actions in the same order every weekday (/workday) morning; pretty much the only thing that varies is what's on the monitor and how long time I spend in front of it. I'm horribly J that way.

    That said, I'm not dependent on the routine to start the day off right. It's just that I just naturally fall into it. When something like sleeping through my alarm or running out of milk occurs to shake things up, I sometimes even have a better morning on account of it, just because I have to really wake up in order to meet the challenge.

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