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Thread: Ne + MMORPG character creation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helios View Post
    Play the inspiration of my username, and you will soon understand.
    Indeed. That game completely changed my personal philosophy of government and view of human nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ99 View Post
    I have spent about 3 months of my entire life straight playing neverwinter nights and morrowind and about a month of that was on the character creation screens!
    Ah with me it's the battles. Maybe that's one time, when gaming, when I'm more ENTJ-like. I'm very quick and decisive with the little details like character creation is really quick for me. But when it comes to the big battles, those are the parts I love, where I take all the AI off and totally field marshal it, painstaking strategies to minimise loss of life and resources on my side, whilst maximising them for the enemy! :Caesar:

    What about The Witcher though? Cool or what?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I recently tested out a new mmorpg with my infj and to my initial surprise she told me that she hates the part when it comes to character creation and me . I never quite noticed, until I read recently on wikisonicon:

    So the thing is, if it comes to character creation, I indeed can get far offtopic . The character creation screen will stay online as a background task on the computer, while I am surfing the net for possible combinations of my to-be characters abilities, traits and so on . Due to this there are two possible scenarios: the first one is me giving my infj a lecture about what she can possibly become by choosing this or that abilities . Or the second one is me needing like 2 hours to decide on possible abilities + having read a lot of information about it on the internet, which I by then have relayed 1:1 to my infj .

    Thats fucking insane *lol*. I was never actually quite aware of me doing that. I wonder if there is a possible connection to be drawn, concerning that Ne loves to think or live for, or better, in the future ?
    Fack yea!
    Im gathering information about gameplay and races/classes during downloading and installing, browsing forums and wikis you know, and then spend ages in character creation screen, trying all possible visuals, comparing chicks of each race, making my "dream elfess" and so on

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    You guys ever play City of Heroes/Villains?

    The whole game is the character creation system!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sponge View Post
    You guys ever play City of Heroes/Villains?

    The whole game is the character creation system!!
    yes I played the trial. Always wanted to return to the game. I played an evil mastermind with thugs doing the dirty work
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer
    My MMO behavior consisted of having all my character slots full of level 10-20 characters, because I'd 'figure them out' and then want to create another one...
    Quote Originally Posted by entropie
    actually in WoW I played 6 characters to around level 30 and then I started a new one. But not because I figured them out, but some other character caught my glimpse and I wanted to try him out
    I completely satiated this hunger at instant pvp servers. You know, you have max level at the beginning, tons of gold, then you have vendors with superb gladiator and pve stuff, and you just walk around like in a supermarket and grab what you like. And then hurray into BGs or some raid to test new skills. Fack yea!

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    I spend a TON of time at the character creation screen. In fact, character customization (not only at the creation stage, but also throughout, collecting armor and everything) was my main impetus for playing games such as WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gauche View Post
    I completely satiated this hunger at instant pvp servers. You know, you have max level at the beginning, tons of gold, then you have vendors with superb gladiator and pve stuff, and you just walk around like in a supermarket and grab what you like. And then hurray into BGs or some raid to test new skills. Fack yea!

    I like doing that in mmorpgs. Not overly much the mmo part, but the skill/build tweaking/customization bit. Sometimes I'll sit in front of a skill tree/stats calculator for hours. You sure this is just an Ne business? Or maybe I have abnormal Ne...

    An ENTP gamer friend of mine likes to do research to figure out the best build etc before starting a character. He doesn't have many though... Usually just create a tank or a knight because he says those tend to be the strongest classes.
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    I don't really do that a lot. In fact, I'd say it seems like an annoyingly practical and reductive kind of focus that takes all the personality out of the character. The few times I have done it, it satisfied my curiosity but ruined the game for me (and thus I had to find another one), because I couldn't be satisfied with any one character long enough to play through more than the first level. And it would become a repetitive cycle where I would create a character, go through the first area, get bored, create another character, etc... until I got so sick of the first area that I never wanted to play again. But if that's how you like to play, well... then I guess it's fine. It sounds like it might be better for NTs.

    I usually prefer to choose a character's race/class based on the kind of personality that implies to me, possibly trying to match it up with my own (or another I've got in mind).

    Sometimes if a class/race conbination feels really unworkable or awkward, I'll go ahead and try something else. For instance, I usually prefer a Mage (because they're the most Introverted and bookish types)... but in some games, this is too challenging for a first character. So then I might end up going back and settling for a Paladin as my second choice.

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    Man I love creating characters. In MMO's I usually take a long time to level up because I like to make a variety of different characters to play.

    I love making characters for tabletop RPG's too. I remember once I felt the urge to make up three characters for absolutely no reason. I already had a character that I was enjoying in a campaign that we'd played for a while. I just love making up characters. One day I just showed up and said, "Hey guys these are three characters I made up that I'm never going to use." They got a good laugh out of it.
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