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Thread: Who wants ENTP women?

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    If you look at it INFPs and INFJs aren't similar at all, but we come to similar conclusions and go on a totally different path at getting to those.
    Thanks for the thread link.

    I was actually thinking what you mean with the bolded.

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    i like the idea of an ENTP women, though i would probably be turned off if she happened to be sluty...

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    Quote Originally Posted by luisluis View Post
    i like the idea of an ENTP women, though i would probably be turned off if she happened to be sluty...
    Oh, ok. Guess thereís only one thing to do *tones down the 'sluttyness' so no one's turned off*

    EDIT: Aww crap! *retracts the smooch*

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    I don't really see how ENTPs would be sluttier than any other type.

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    Sorry, but can someone catch me up what has been going on in the thread. Has she found love yet or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luisluis View Post
    i like the idea of an ENTP women, though i would probably be turned off if she happened to be sluty...
    At that stage, she's trying to be nice in subtly saying, you bore her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    Bah, I just wish there was some I that I could really get along with you people, some trick, but I can never think of anything that would work for me.
    You've figured it out, the 'trick', only issue is the 'for me' part. It personalizes the expectation out of an approach, and with such contingency, it's pre-determined for failure.

    This was the key:
    Most of the time my getting along with ENTPs is when they get on my level, when I get on their level it wears me down extremely quickly and I get very annoyed very quickly (with the whole not taking anything seriously thing).
    In order then for an ENTP and INFP to get along, in your case, would be if the ENTP met you at YOUR level, but, you cannot meet at THEIR level. That's all well and good to accept as an observation, but, for personal application....

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    I tried this actually with an ENTP girl, it didn't work.
    Did she refuse to/couldn't meet at *your* level?

    Btw, half-way points....

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    Quote Originally Posted by musttry View Post
    I am actually pursuing an ENTP right now (my hopes arenít high though Ďcause sheís Muslim and they tend to not like dating outside their ranks). She has been quite forward about her interest though (gawd I like that about NT women). Whatís great about the interaction is that she just starts bla bla ing and Ne ing and then I just have to make one very sharp remark and that sends her off in another direction. Another thing is that she gets all flustered when I make an intuitive comment about who she is or what she should be doing. Thatís fascinating!
    Yeah...another INFJ lured like a moth to the flame. Check. I think, from my own anecdotal experience, it's the utter shock/intrigue of the ENTP's ridiculousness that attracts the INFJ (Ni+Fe).

    The constant... += :steam:/ (always an either/or extreme, never is there a 'meh' with ENTPs)

    Esp. because once asked, the ENTP always has a very sound 'method' behind her madness/tangents. Which appeals to the mature INFJ's Ti. It's the intensity of the unexpected, powered to the ^abstract, which really tickles the INFJ's Ni. And, in turn, the mature ENTP's Fe earns them brownie points in the INFJs book as a 'good person'. The commentary on the moral character which is so very important for INFJs.

    INFJs are one of the most subdued, serious types (they seem to be like the mythological character Atlas), and, to have someone coming in, who, it seems, without sufficient caution, nor apparent 'seriousness' or forethought, starts to play catch with that great big 'ball' the INFJ has been burdened to hold forever, is like....."Did you..? You did NOT just come in and dare to touch that ball!" "NOO! Don't do that! You'll drop it!" followed by, "YOU IDIOT, see? You've dropped it!!!"


    "Huh, the world didn't end..."

    ENTP (with nonchalance): You were worried? I could have told you that.

    As well, the INFJ male, in my case, seems to be tailor-made to match my assertiveness/straight-talking brashness, with his quiet magnitude in presence. I've never been made to be at a loss for words as with my INFJ. And, he does it with such subtlety that when my Ne finally connects the dots, it's like, 'wow, the layers........' He even likes firing up my Ne. Very hot. If anyone can have the patience for an ENTP female, it's the INFJ. And, there's a lot of patience needed.

    I think, to the INFJs, we, the ENTPs 'seem to be most in need of 'saving', yet, the hardest ones to want to save from ourselves', and the entertaining circus that is our ENTPness

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    Very well put Qre:us, that's definitely the case with the INFJ male to the ENTP female. I'm naturally attracted to saving someone from the mess that is their life, and ENTP women are the definition of that and the best pick to understanding another female, at least in my experience. I always know where they are coming from and can call them on all their crap!

    INFJ's put the worlds problems on their included. ENTP's are filled with limitless ability and creativity, and need an INFJ to center their sometimes duplicitous extroverted life. Checklist, work on project, complete if time allows and at the same time start the new project........repeat.......
    Extroverted (E) 50% Introverted (I) 50%
    Intuitive (N) 62.5% Sensing (S) 37.5%
    Feeling (F) 51.61% Thinking (T) 48.39%
    Judging (J) 51.52% Perceiving (P) 48.48%
    8w9 EIE

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    Who wants ENTP women?
    I want them all.

    At some level, at least.

    Fortunately, I've learned to keep myself on a very short leash.

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