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    Quote Originally Posted by AffirmitiveAnxiety View Post
    Are you playing a character right now?
    Deal with it

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    I get jealous if something is being dished out in parts, and what I get isn't the largest serve or the one I fancy the most. The main example is when I've cooked a meal, I'll always want to serve myself a little more than everyone else. I get really irrational about how much this matters. It's only really upsetting when someone else gets the best portion and doesn't appreciate it, though. If they want the same thing I do, I won't be as selfish.

    Also, I get jealous when my partner talks to someone else a lot, if I feel like he's talking to them instead of me, or like he's been neglecting me. This stems from my fear of just not being interesting or mentally stimulating to my partners; I don't care nearly so much about how affectionate they are with other people.
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    If I love someone and she cheats on me.
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    When it comes to what other people are or have that's perceived as being better, no jealousy. When it comes to dating and romantic relationships, if someone triggers insecurities, my natural instincts are to withdraw and walk. This rarely happens though and of the rare times it has, Ni's had pretty good reason to provide warning.

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