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Thread: ENTP men

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    Where the fuck are you guys going where every ENTP is flirtatious?
    How certain are we the case isn't that you're identifying someone as ENTP by excessive flirtatiousness?
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    ^ or, they are ENTP, and the excessive flirtiness hammers in the last nail on the ENTP coffin.

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    Except that flirtatiousness isn't really even a common trait among ENTPs.

    The stereotype is a delusion.
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    Oh honey no. No no. ENTPs *are* flirtatious. That doesn't mean they're ALL that way or that they have nothing better to do than chat up girls/guys. ENFPs can be very flirtatious too. Must be an Ne primary thing.

    Don't fret.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happy puppy View Post
    [b]Hi, I am a happy puppy ENFP here for advice. (posted on another site already too.)

    I am a biochemist turned marketer. My entire career I have been surrounded by NTs everywhere. I love them!!!! lovelovelovelove lalalala! (told you Im an ENFP) I am a whirlwind of spasticity amongst all my NTs and I have found a very good niche in my career

    Most of the folks I work with I understand. INTJs with thier silly broody brillant pedanticness, INTPs who have given up at my lack of logical precision but respond in good natured fashion to my vaguely construed, random barrage of questioning.

    I luv my ENTP buddies as well, most of who have been women so far. I am the Product Manager for a product that my ENTP best friend is a Project Manager for. We have verbal wars debating the theoretical merits of market driven needs vs project management constraints on our cell phones during our evening commute everyday, and enjoy every minute of it.

    So where I am a little confused is with ENTP men. Looking back I realize I am completely drawn to thier company and really like being around them, however in the past was married to a pure ISTP (very, very poor match for me) and thus never really on the market. All my favorite guys in college were physicists.

    I am single now but honestly I am such a poor sensor (Si) that I really dont notice how other folks look. Men or women, they are like big people blobs. Once I start talking to them, I forget what they look like and only "see" what they are. Sorry I know that sounds totally nuts. So sometimes I will look up in the midst of working with an ENTP guy and catch this odd shock when our eyes meet. like a little burst of super sensing. A few weeks back one of the ENTPs I work with was at our sales meeting (ie drunken party) and walked up behind me, and began running his hands through my hair, working out the little tangles and occasionally touching my scalp gently. It was the MOST sensual erotic thing a man has ever done to me. sorry, seems a little off but I was with an ISTP forever.

    Later he held my hand for a few seconds and then made me kiss him on the cheek in front of the crowd of foks there, for some drunken reason or another. He was in the office all week, and I found I suddenly cant avoid "sensing" him. To even be in the same room with him I have to be sort of bitchy or I just lose my breath a little and cant focus. He watches me when I speak like he is studying me, or observing me. He came in and just plopped down in my office and smiles a little, watches me and takes my total bitchiness and just smiles.

    I treat him like he is stupid, make fun of his PhD, (he is one arrogant bastard normally), and am kind of short with him and he just smiles and watches. stupid blue eyes.

    In general he is a partying boy, who travels 75%, with a live-in girlfriend in another state.

    i guess the question is are the little glances and smiles, touches, watching actual interest or just an ever roaming Ne finding possibilities? Then my Ne manages to catch thier Ne roaming annd i get confused, and my normally somewhat open Fi gets sqirriled away and all i feek okay showing is super Te.

    now you too, have seen a glimpse into the scary stuff in the ENFP brain. hehehe!
    if i were imitating an NF this is the type of crap i would write.

    ps. teehehehehehe

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    He'll totally do you if you let him.

    My advice is don't, but of course that's your call.

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    .. Yeah.. I would agree with the posters who mentioned something along the lines of: "Don't go there. It's trouble."

    Yup.. Yup..

    One thing to note- charisma doesn't equate to true love (& chemistry). It goes BEYOND that..

    Choose a 'quality' guy. Man, I love guys are truly loyal/genuine. Are they really such a rare commodity? I doubt it. I just think that these types of guys tend to skew our perception of what a really descent man is.

    Trust me- you will find a better ENTP, or any guy with the similar level of chemistry elsewhere.

    Your heart/health are WAAY too important. (If he's that much of a cheater.. yeah, I'd watch it. Our body is our temple). Sorry to sound so preachy.. we gotta watch each others backs every now and again. Best of Luck!!

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    I often get accused of leading people on or being flirtatious, and the accusations come as a total shock cos it hadn't even crossed my mind. I'm just very friendly and treat everyone as an equal, the only people I put barriers up with are people who work for me, people who I pay. Have to keep that distance, or they start thinking they can take the piss.

    But yeah, I take things in my stride and am not phased by people being bitchy, and will smile at them and laugh. Sometimes I can sense that someone's being bitchy to me mainly because they like me but wish they didn't, sorta despite themselves kinda thing. It doesn't really cross my mind to think they like me in THAT way, tbh it never crosses me mind to think ANYONE likes me in that way.

    I don't know what to tell you, except to maybe watch how he behaves with other people and try to be objective, cos it could be that you're not the only one he's friendly with and you're reading things that aren't there. But it could be that you're not, I think it would depend really, how you see him acting with others. if he's the indiscrimminately friendly type of ENTP, then you're likely just imagining things. If he's not, if he's the dry and sarcastic type, who only "lights up" with people he likes or feels comfy with (as opposed to me, I tend to seem to like everyone), then odds are you're special to him in at least some kind of way.
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    I have been doing a retrospective study on past ENTP men. Many were excessively flirty and, well would have hooked up with pretty much anybody. The attached ones try not to be obvious but it is so fascinating to watch the Ne wonder. You can see them catch themselves and try to disengage. I have a wonderful ENTP male coworker who I catch "Ne-ing" now and then and he totally seems to feel so guilty as he is married w two pretty little girls.

    Turns out the specific ENTP I mentioned at the first post actually invited another chick to bed the same weekend. So yes, he would fuck me even thogh he has a gf, however he'd fuck anybody!

    What is actually a little insulting is the other chick is seriously hot but really not all inspiring w respect to intelligence. Actually we can hear here head rattle when she walks... Why would you put your penis in that??? what if you made babies??? jeez.

    At work now he has become a running office joke for his low PRS (Product Requirement Specifications) input. Does he really need both arms? what about a felon? teeth? truck stop hooker? hehehehe...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by happy puppy View Post
    I have a wonderful ENTP male coworker who I catch "Ne-ing" now and then and he totally seems to feel so guilty as he is married w two pretty little girls.
    WTF is Ne-ing, in the context that you use?

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