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Thread: INTP first impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risen View Post
    Ok. This is something of a two tier question. For INTP's, how do you think people usually perceive you when they first meet you, or very early in a relationship? What goes on in your head, with your analysis of how other perceive you?
    I really am quite clueless regarding how people perceive me upon meeting me, though I expect it includes opinions that I am demure, bashful and a little cold. Perhaps, also, that I'm fairly intelligent.

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    I meant about your self perception....your clothing choices speak loud and clear, LOL.
    Groovejet, I've only identinfied male INTP's...maybe one older female INTP when I think about it.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.

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    It really depends on how I feel.
    I once struck up a conversation with a complete stranger because they were wearing a band shirt I liked. I was warm, made jokes, and actually laughed and smiled. This was in a group of a girl I knew as a loose acquaintance a few years ago, and 2 complete strangers. I think I came off as quite extroverted in this scenario. Looking back, I'm not quite sure how I did it, or why.
    In general, I'm aloof, quiet, and seemingly either a very angry or sad person, apparently.
    I don't smile when I talk to people and I either stare at someone by accident or look away. Someone once told me I scared them.
    Whenever I see someone I used to know for the first time in a few years, they seem shocked at my seemingly confident, straightforward, opinionated and "creepy" appearance.
    In a situation outside of school I come off as extroverted and strange, I think. If it's someone I think I'll never see again I act like I know them already.
    If I'm somewhere I don't want to be, I act antisocial and retreat into my own world, either by reading/studying or just ignoring them.

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    people usually open up with 'cheer up, edge'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge View Post
    people usually open up with 'cheer up, edge'
    On my 15th birthday, a classmate sent me a birthday card with the message, "Don't be sad. Know that someone loves you".

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    For INTP's, how do you think people usually perceive you when they first meet you, or very early in a relationship?
    They probabley percieve that i'm quite an awkward individual with a mummbelling problem I think -.-.....

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    I've had all sorts of reactions, and they all surprise me equally. Lots of people feel sorry for me, I suppose I just have one of those faces. Some people think I'm intimidating, some an arrogant jerk. The weirdest was probably the hostess of a new year's eve party who was "honored to be visited someone of such erudition and insight" or something to that effect. Having been high as a kite on ecstacy, marijuana and alcohol all night I had to go hide in the bathroom to laugh it off.

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