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Thread: Defining Moments in the making of an NT.

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    I remember when I started playing soccer when I was 8 or 9, I suddenly understood how much better that was in comparison to the science books I was devouring before, and dedicated myself to it.

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    I wrote this a while ago, and it seems to pretty much, on reflection, describe the process of becoming ENTP...

    It's kind of funny really, considering that I spent most of my life in Pinocchio mode - well, I still kind of am in a way. I mean, I never could and still never can, really, show a face of myself to the world that was anything like authentic; I've spent most of my life faking it, constantly evaluating and re-evaluating what's expected or wanted or needed of me in the particular moment and adapting and flexing and making a dozen micro-adjustments per second in order to be what I must.

    It only recently (in the scheme of my life, say, 4 years ago) began to occur to me that being authentic was an option. Of course - my life as a female taught me that being myself resulted in punishment and pain of one kind or another. And even now, though I can be more honestly myself with people in that they see me as what I am (male), there's still always the deception in that they think I was born the way they see me now, and short of carrying a sign round my neck or announcing it (thereby opening myself wide to real prejudice that will affect my children), there's not much I can do about that.

    Perhaps that general pattern of doing my best to 'get it right' all my life with what I considered the most important thing of all - just fitting in, being accepted, being liked and being useful - and failing, has undermined any confidence in my ability to perform, or get it right. Maybe that's what makes me clam up when someone walks in the room when I'm singing: having lived my entire life in a state of feeling as though there was some hand-out that everyone got and which I missed; I was at a disadvantage before the contest even began.

    Yes... life is a contest with rules made up by people you can never see and who keep changing them; it's a constant effort to jump through hoops that the people holding them move just as you're in mid-air jumping towards them. The only chance I have is to be as adaptable as possible, to think on the fly, to keep my eye out for any change, any clue, cue or pattern, no matter how minute, to enable me to make the last-minute adjustment that'll save me from the black eye or the cold shoulder. I can't afford to wallow in feelings and emotions, because that's when I'll be caught with my pants down; I must stay focused on the task, whilst simulatenously juggling all the many variables.

    I live a perpetual state of unicycling across a tight-rope, trying to make progress while being pushed back by a grizzly bear, balancing an egg on a spoon in my mouth and a beachball on my head whilst juggling ten flaming torches, chased by a hungry lion. With no safety net. Failure is not an option. But I've become so used to it that it's easy to me, and I get bored all the time... and would you believe, find myself looking always for bigger challenges...
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    I don't remember any actual events that led me to or caused me to become an NT.

    I recall being very bored at the simplicity of school. I taught myself to read before kindergarten, and I would get frustrated when other kids in the advanced reading class with me could barely read. Also I would read during classes at school, the teachers thought I was part deaf because I was so enthralled I wouldn't hear them call my name. I also read encyclopedias and dictionaries just because there is so much interesting information. Other kids were reading R.L. Stine (Goosebumps), I was reading Edgar Allen Poe or Michael Crichton.

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    I don't really believe in defining moments. But one or two memorable ones have been when I first saw quotes from Albert Einstein (*) which hit the nail on the head to an exquisite degree, for example :-

    "The universe is not only stranger then we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

    "Only two things are infinite : the universe, and human stupidity. And I am not sure about the former."

    (*) Surely the doyen of all geniuses. For me some of the others in the premier league would be :- Isaac Newton, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Mozart, Beethoven, Winston Churchill.
    INTJ bordering on ISTJ

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    Nothing really stands out for me as definitive, but I do remember reading nearly all the non-fiction books in my primary school library (I think I was about 6 or 7) and not reading the books that people of my age were 'expected' to (i.e. the 'Magic Key' series etc.). This made my reception (I think that equates to kindergarten in the US) teacher think that there was something wrong with me, and I was sent to see the headteacher who 'recommended' (read: made me) read 'normal' fiction books and write reviews on them. This continued until they felt that I was 'fixed'.

    Later on, in around year 6 the school 'social welfare officer' (can't remember the exact title) asked to see me with my mum to find out why I preferred the company of adults and/or liked being alone with a book. I told the truth: that most of my classmates wouldn't understand what I was talking about, and that I valued my personal space. They said that I 'thought too much of myself'. My mum agreed with me, and thought that I was better off doing what I wanted to, as long as it didn't affect anyone else.

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    Basically always getting into "logical" debates from a very early age whenever I got in trouble. I also picked up languages pretty quickly and would always prefer the company of adults who had something to teach me, or science books about whatever fascinated me at the time. I would say one of the defining moments though was when I was about six or seven and decided that it would be fun to read my dads computer programming books and start making little programs of my own.

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    It was a gradual progression, I think.

    I was lucky enough to be naturally smart and analytical.

    The hardness kind of set in as I realized that not everyone was as smart as me. And set in even more as I got teased for being smart.

    So, first it was the N. Then the T. Then the J. And the I has become more predominant throughout the years as I see the point in trying to interact less and less often.

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    It was a natural thing...IN first, my own world, books etc., then came the questioning and correcting of the teachers. It's never left.

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    Well it all started when I was a little girl. I first knew I was an NT when I could remember birth and had the thought that my mother could have been more efficient in the process and that I could have done a better job. Later I pulled out all my baby teeth so I could get money from the tooth fairy to buy a pack of gum.

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    Defining moments...

    I can't think of anyone else I know who's been as widely known, as widely respected and also as widely despised.
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