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Thread: ENTJ females

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ira View Post
    Wow! I can imagine a very 'energizing' sword fight.
    that wasnt a euphenism, there was a woman I was really attracted to once who I wound up facing with a musket and bayonet when she had a targ and claymore sword, ie total advantage to her, it was pretty awesome, wish I hadnt been so worried about someone getting hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vie View Post
    I have the problem of not being attached to many guys, as I find most of them to be wussies (As the great House says, part Wimp, part puss). I go out with them on dates for lack of anything else to do, but in the end -- I know that I have no desire to continue on. But to the ones who challenge me, stand up to me, thrive off debate like I do -- while still being "lovey", I hang on to. It's very rare, in fact only happened twice. These two people intrigued me and therefore I wanted to be with them.

    But my friends make the observations that I am overwhelming in my expectations. But the thing about that is that when I did find those intriguing people, they managed to exceed my expectations. I REALLY wish I knew what type they were.
    There's been one time with one person who I think I shouldve been more pushy with, reading this reminds me of it, although I have a terrible tendency to try and compensate for my apparent "pushiness" when I'm dating someone, can come off pretty woosy too.

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