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Thread: INFP with ISTJ co-worker = PAIN

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    Quote Originally Posted by sophiedoph View Post
    I work with an ISTJ. She is my boss--we do not get along *at all.* I just put in my notice of resignation today... woohoo! FREEDOM

    Congrats!!! I'm envious Unfortunately I have a hefty mortgage and my partner doesn't want me to quit without having something else lined up first. Sigh- practicalities

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    Can you talk to HR?.. can you find another job with equivalent pay?

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    Most people leave bad managers, not bad jobs.

    I hate anyone who tries to micromanage. A good manager should have clear expectations of you and a firm deadline for completing work and not change them, and not breathe down your throat while you try to complete your tasks.

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    Why do people end up complaining about a type rather than an individual? It kind of seems like MBTI is being used to complain about behaviours rather than understanding them. I wonder what Myers Briggs would say (Then again she was an INFP married to an ISTJ....soooo)

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    I have an ESTJ boss right now, and it's hell.

    Or, to pacify the last poster, I have a boss right now. She happens to be an ESTJ. And the situation is hell.

    Constant micromanaging. Gets on my ass about everything. Worse, she changes the rules about how things are done constantly. I just want to tell her to give me my damned assignments and leave me alone. The constant micromanaging has the unfortunate effect for everybody of making me not do work.

    /does not play well with others sometimes

    I... suppose. Yeah!

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    I have an ISTJ boss whos painful to answer to and an ISTJ employee who tries to micromanage my other employees, it certainly get's fun at times

    This may help you understand where they're coming from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternitybc View Post
    3. Not letting me do my job. This is kind of hard to explain. I used to just DO my work, no he required I detail everything out and asks the status of things and where i"m at- Constantly. Whereas my Manager will say - where are we at, when will it be done? I can say I've done this and this, I'll have it done by Friday. No, this guy needs to know what steps are left, when I'm doign them, how I'm doign them, etc etc. It's like he doesn't trust me??
    if u really do as good of a job as u say u do, then obviously the guy is scared, so he tries to micromanage u for two reasons:

    1) he's scared of seeming like u would do a better job than him
    2) he wants to make sure u "stay in your place" and don't try to outflank him.

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    Dude, I feel your pain and must therefore add to it. The tension between you guys is probably 40% sexual.

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    Had an ISTJ boss in the past. Lasted half a year there, and then quit the job. I liked the actual job and everyone else seemed to be pleased with my work. The constant micromanaging by my boss got on my nerves. Had the same scenario of being told what to say when on the telephone. I thought I'd lose my own brain if I stayed there any longer. Not good being told what to speak, what to wear, what time to go to the toilet, what angle to place your chair, how many specks of pepper to put on your food (Ok, I exaggerate, but only slightly...)

    The relief I felt after I handed my resignation in..

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    sometimes it bothers me when people in authority or in a job that i hate love what they are doing...then i realize this and slap myself for my selfishness lol
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